Point Harbor
General Information
Location:Broken Banks, North Carolina
Current status:Trading Post

Point Harbor is a nominally-independent community aligned with the Albemarle Pact. While Hawke owns a de jure claim on the community, Point Harbor retains its status as a sovereign town. It is influenced by Albemarle politics, with Hawke being the largest factor in Point Harbor's government. The community's lifeblood is trade; while Southern Shores is the 'Gateway to the Northern Banks' for Hawke, Point Harbor is a major trading community. Many of its inhabitants are traders or their families, making Point Harbor one of the richer communities on the Broken Banks.


Before 2077, Point Harbor was an unincorporated community along the Wright Memorial Bridge. With a population under 100, Point Harbor was very underdeveloped. When the bombs fell during the Great War, Point Harbor was quickly abandoned. Over the two centuries since the Great War, Point Harbor was subjected to many natural disasters, including the radioactive hurricanes that frequently bashed the Broken Banks area.

Despite its lack of habitation and human protection from nature, some structures in Point Harbor survived. The location was discovered by a group of Hawke exiles, establishing a trading post from a hot dog stand. When the Wright Memorial Bridge was rebuilt by a joint Hawke-Elizabeth City effort, Point Harbor began to flourish as a trading post, with caravans from all over the Broken Banks and beyond flooded into Point Harbor.

Today, Point Harbor is the home of many caravan owners due to its low property cost and high availability of resources.