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General Information
Location:Southern border of Greensboro
Establishment:July 9, 2131
Notable Individuals:
Factions:New Sparta
Notable events:Establishment
Current status:active



Starting up (July 9, 2131-May 16, 2151)

Ramsey is a Spartan town located in a suburb right outside of the city limits of Greensboro and was founded by Benjamin Ramsey on July 9, 2131. Ramsey would serve as a trading post when it first started out and the community was centered around the Red Rocket Truck Stop and would be the settlement where the caravan company Michael and Sons would first spread outside the city limits of Greensboro. At first, the town would face some raids by local raider tribes that were inhabiting Southern Guilford. Ramsey would actually start the practice of raising Mole rats for consumption when Barton Washington would find some mole rat pups in a mole rat den that was cleared out. Barton would raise the Mole Rats and start breeding them, he would feed them radroaches and he would take the runts of the litter and kill them and market them as a delicacy and would kill the males unfit for breeding when they were older. This would bring a decent amount of wealth into the community and many Perioeci still send their children to work at the Mole Rat farm to the modern day.

Civil War and Aftermath(May 17, 2151-September 9, 2165)

The Civil War would not impact the town of Ramsey directly as there was no fighting that happened within the community. Ramsey sent both a Spartan Squad and a squad of Perioeci militia to help fight the rebels and of the 18 men they had sent to fight, 5 (3 Spartans, 2 Perioeci) would lose their life and 3 (1 Spartan, 2 Perioci) would be permanently disfigured by the war. The community would really start to prosper after the Civil War as they had comparatively few Casualties and suffered no structural damage and they would become a gateway for goods and people traveling north from the Southern Piedmont.

The Great Peace (September 10, 2165- November 12, 2185)

The settlement of Ramsey would continue to prosper during the Great Peace, and many people called the settlement New Sparta's gem of the South. Ramsey would also be notable due to the fact that of all the settlements of New Sparta for having the largest percentage of it's population being Ghouls as many Ghouls would be moving north to New Sparta to escape persecution further South. Ghouls would always hover around being 1/6 of the population which speaks to just how much migration there was to the city. Ramsey would face fewer, and fewer raiding attacks as Sparta kept spreading its influence south with the last large Raiding attack on the settlement occurring when 38 warriors of the Redneck tribe attacked the settlement in 2168 and would manage to steal some firearms and young Helot women. It would not be until the Great Helot Insurrection 2185 that Ramsey would face conflict again.

Notable Members

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