11 - Redgum - Letter To B.J

11 - Redgum - Letter To B.J.

Reclaimed Republic of Australia
Flag of Australia.svg
Political Information
Type of Government:Military Dictatorship
Group type:Paramilitary
Leader:Umpire Robert "Bazza" Finley
Motto:"Rise Again, Our Reclaimed Australia Fair"
Societal Information
Headquarters:Brisbane, Queensland
Population:55 Personnel, 104 Citizens
Historical Information
Founded by:Craig Palmer, The Honourable
Policy Information
Goals:"To re-found Australia as a proud, free nation"
Allies:Cult of the Southern Cross, Special League of Australian Pharmaceutical, Peacemaking and Medical Activists
Enemies:New Australian Defence League
Status:active and thriving
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"When the housewives of Australia are at home doing the ironing and the kids out playing cricket in the sun, they can sing proudly knowing their sons are defending us all from threat of raiders, criminals, and refugees"
―Umpire Bazza Finley

The Reclaimed Republic of Australia is the self-declared nation state under the yoke of the powerful and influential paramilitary of the same name.



First Reclamation Wars

Emu Wars

Stopping the Boats



The Reclaimed Republic of Australia was born through the ideas of founding father Craig Palmer, and was founded to build a society based on:

  1. A common-hold, rather than a common-wealth
  2. A brotherhood of English-speaking Whites
  3. Life marriage
  4. Preservation of the 'Colour-Line'
  5. Teetotalism
  6. Stopping the boats

Of the six "Big Laws" as they're called, only no.5 has been omitted, officially due to a lack of any proper anaesthetic and painkillers during the prolonged war of Australian reclamation fought against the wasteland gangs and tribes of raiders of the greater Brisbane region.



There is a total of 55 enlisted soldiers within the Reclaimed Republic of Australia. This number is divided five teams, named 1st XI, 2nd XI, 3rd XI, 4th XI and the Development Team.

  • Umpire - Commander of the Republic.
  • Captain - CO rank; commands a team.
  • Wicket-Keeper - NCO rank; a first-class Batsman. Commands a squad of Fielders, sometimes with the aid of other Batsmen.
  • Batsmen - NCO rank. When a fielder has survived for more than two years, they earn the rank of a Batsman, or batter, an endearing reference to a position in the national sport of Cricket.
  • Fielder - Basic entry level of enlisted personnel. Upon initiation, fielders are sent to work the more physically demanding and menial of duties, such as farming, animal drafting, and other kinds of community service. Periodically, they are sent in groups of a dozen or two into the far reaches of the Republic to perform patrol duty, typically with the company of 2-3 Batsmen, where they experience the bulk of their harsh training. They and are expected to learn how to fend for themselves against the dangers that live in the irritated scrublands of the Darling Downs and Brisbane region, and are even instructed to scavenge and live off the land - despite the inhospitably of the wastes - yielding mixed and informative results.


Battle Garb

Baggy Green

The Baggy Green, an item of apparel held in a high regard of almost religious proportions

The soldiers of the reclaimed republic of Australia go to war kitted in light armour and cricket paraphernalia. They do not wear full power armour, owing to its extreme difficulty to find and operate - and expensiveness to maintain - however large portions of their battle garb does consist of salvaged military-grade armour. Cricket uniforms and protective wear, being highly regarded as symbols of national pride and tradition, also find their way into the kits of RRoA soldiers. The baggy green cap, and the classic batters' tattered white leg pads and batting gloves are commonly seen, especially in the newer ranks, most of whom are merely teens or young adults fresh from the cricket pitch.




The QANTAS, before that fateful accident.

The RRoA possess one vertibird, affectionally named The QANTAS. Allegedly, it was found buried underground one hot summer christmas day in an old Australian Air Force airfield by a team of Fielders, who where quick to report it to their higher-ups. The Umpire, Craig Palmer, proclaimed it as a christmas gift from the one true god, Don Bradman. Extremely fortunate to find fuel, the vertibird underwent some crude refurbishment and refuelling before being pressed into service. Its first test run saw it being used it fly down the runway, carrying a bowler as he made an attempt to make the fastest spin-bowl known to man. His efforts where successful, knocking the batter completely off guard and scoring a wicket, however being the only occupant of the vehicle, he was not quick enough to return to the cockpit, and the vehicle quickly crashed nose-down into the bitumen. The QANTAS has been out of commission ever since.

Seppo's Folly

Notable Members

  • Bazza Finley - Captain of the First XI "Ashes" team and Umpire of the RRoA.