General Information
Location:North Dakota, Badlands Territory
Notable Individuals:N/A
Notable events:nuptial flight, broodwars
Current status:active

Formerly just another clearing in the expansive fields of North Dakota, the Redfields now play home to the largest settlement in the Badlands Territory. The residents are of the six-legged variety however, Giant Fire Ants that have migrated from the south.


The Redfields have sat empty for millennia, in between seasonal usage by native peoples. It would be home to ants most of that time, but Giant ones would not appear until 2280. Three queens would come in from the south and east, each settling in a corner of the fields. After burying their clutches, they began minor excavation on their respective nests.

That summer would see the broods hatch, and soon cover the land, swarming all available food. Conflict would soon erupt, along with dozens of wildfires as the broods met and confronted each other. Hundreds of insects would die in those first few days, the rest would carry off the carrion to their nests to feed on.

These events would be observed at a distance by several witnesses, and almost profited upon, until the untimely death of the entire party. The fall would see the remaining ants spreading farther in search of storable foods, will all three nests being able to prepare for the winter.

The next year would be much the same in a cycle that hasn't abated since its start. The only real change was that the humans who came weren't spectators but farmers, attracted by the phosphorous-rich soil. They have been frequent targets of the ants but have so far held out.