General Information

The city of Richfield in Minnesota was a pre-War suburb scarred by radiation, known for housing the Comrades' League.



In the 1850s, Richfield was a farming settlement that eventually evolved into a suburb of the growing Twin Cities in the early 1900s. During the 1950s, Richfield's population increased dramatically. Minneapolis significantly grew as well, and with this, Richfield grew.

Great War

By the time of the outbreak of the Great War, the Twin Cities was a huge population center and thus, was hit by nuclear weapons. Richfield was not hit by the bombs, but was severely affected by radiation, killing most of its inhabitants and forcing the rest to flee further south, abandoning the city until 2163.

Post War

For nearly ninety-years, the city was, for the most part, uninhabited. In 2163, a group of survivors discovered the city and the ghouls inside it, waging war with the disfigured souls. Once the survivors cleared the city and began to scavenge, it attracted the attention of several factions and many wastelanders, who made their way to Richfield and began to bring civilization to the area.

Raiders also took notice, commonly killing traders and looting them. For a time, mercenaries made money by traveling with caravans as guards.