Roanoke Island
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General Information
Location:Outer Banks, North Carolina
Current status:Region

Roanoke Island is an island located in the Broken Banks of North Carolina. Known as a forbidden island of sorts, the fabled island has been shrouded in mystery for centuries since the disappearance of the Manteo settlement. Since then, nobody who has traveled to Roanoke, intentionally or otherwise, has returned. Many myths surrounding the island prevail to this day.



Roanoke Island was the site of the fabled Lost Colony in the 16th century. Due to its disappearance, the Lost Colony has become the center of many myths throughout the years. Despite the disappearance of the colony, the island was later inhabited until the Great War. The largest settlement on the island, Manteo, was home to several actors in pre-war America.


Following the war, Manteo survived in a fashion similar to Elizabeth City. While the history of Manteo has not been chronicled well. What is known about the city is that it survived the famines in 2100 thanks to methods developed in Elizabeth City. The city was relatively prosperous before, one day, simply dropping from the face of the world. Any teams sent to investigate the disappearance have not returned.

Since then, Roanoke has become infamous throughout the entirety of the Broken Banks. Anybody who has attempted to travel to Roanoke Island has not returned. The cause of the disappearance is not known, though many theories offer suggestions as to why people disappear when traveling to Roanoke. The poor and impoverished of the Broken Banks believe that there is some form of pre-war paradise on Roanoke Island. Others believe that Roanoke is highly irradiated. The most common theory, however, is that a group of raiders known only as the Lost capture and kill anybody who sets foot on the island. Research into this fascinating and terrifying matter continues.