"Oh Jesus, the Rochester Downtown? Well, if ya like getting your ass kicked by the Lilacs and Red Wings over some pow wow pre-war camera and all that happy shit, I say go ahead and go down there and salvage down 'ere. Besides, the only real good place there is the Genesee Electrodynamics HQ, and even that is raided to all hell and back."
―A salvager talking about his experiences in the Rochester Downtown
Rochester Downtown
General Information
Location:Ontario Wasteland

The Rochester Downtown is the post-war ruins of the financial and business district of the pre-war city of Rochester New York. Sometimes stretched to include East Avenue and the walled settlement of New Rochester, the Rochester Downtown is probably not the place you want to be or to live in, due to the presence of 2 powerful raider groups, the Lilacs and the Red Wings.

Although the two raider groups power has faded over time, their grip on the area still remains strong, and was the site of a brutal gang war for most of 2271, with dozens of casualties between the two groups.