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"When the fuck did these guys think that they were hot shit? More importantly, how the fuck did they even step into our territory and not get their asses blown to hell and back?"
―A Junkyard Dog talking about the Rochester Ghosts
Rochester Ghosts
Political Information
Group type:Paramilitaristic Organization, Survivalists
Leader Title:Commandant
Leader:Roger Winchester
Motto:"By Fire and Sword we'll take back our world!"
Societal Information
Location(s):Rochester, New York / Ontario Wasteland
Historical Information
Founded by:Roger Wilston
Policy Information
Goals:Reclaim order to Rochester, kill off any raider activity in the region, and rebuild the city.
Allies:Ontario Wastelanders, the Free Republic of Ontario
Enemies:RPD, Sons Of The Devil, Junkyard Dogs

The Rochester Ghosts came to be when a group of ten people splintered off from Henry Miller's troops en route to South Dakota. Although wearily and indecisive, they roamed Upstate New York, for months. They travelled, visiting settlement from settlement across the countryside. It was months until they finally reached a region that was filled with activity, bustling, as one would say, and that was none other than the Ontario Wasteland.

There, they found some major settlements, such as Eastroc, and after making their presence known, some volunteers of the Eastroc militia had joined the soon-to-be Rochester Ghosts, Roger Wilston, the leader of the splinter group, his ten men were now, obviously getting bigger.

Into The City

The soon-to-be Rochester Ghosts would make their march into the ruins of Rochester, or as known by the average Ontario Wastelander, the Scrapyard, in November of 2281.

The Rochester Ghosts finally got their name as they approached the inner city of Rochester. The journey inwards was very hectic, with the decently-equipped Rochester Ghost encountering a team of one of the three raider groups who dominated the ruins of the city, squatting in an abandoned building, or in one of the various streets.