Political Information
Group type:Mercenary company
Societal Information
Location(s):South Dakota & North Dakota
Notable members:Max
Historical Information
Policy Information

The Rockers is a mercenary group in the Badlands Territory that was founded in 2260 in Watertown. Now based in Rapid City, they remain an influential mercenary organization in the Territory in the modern day. The Rockers also maintain good relations with the American Northern Army, taking jobs that the Army deems beneath its own interests.


The Rockers are a mercenary company and a force to be reckoned with. However, this was not always the case. In 2260, the Rockers were formed as a street in Watertown selling chems and providing protection to local businesses. Their leader, Max, was especially known for his prowess with a baseball and his killer hair.

After law arrived to Watertown, Max had their old headquarters in a pre-War car factory demoted to an outpost and left to find another headquarters away from a government. The skeleton of Ellsworth AFB in Rapid City became their new headquarters. The surface of the base had been picked clean by scavengers, but Max managed to find a secret underground level. From there, the Rockers scavenged many resources including guns, ammo, supplies, equipment, scrap, etc. This base also gave them records to many pre-War military checkpoints and bases all over North Dakota and South Dakota. Their manpower is significant and have spread their men across the Dakotas but mainly in South Dakota. They have outposts and control checkpoints but use old pre-War junkyards, factories, and abandoned houses. It was then the Rockers decided they wanted to become mercenaries.

The Rockers' success brought attention, and in 2276, Sergeant Major Tom Renner from the American Northern Army Army gave Max a lucrative mercenary job with the ANA. Their first actions: the Battle of Vault 52.

Since then, the Rockers have been working with the ANA Army of the South very closely and have assisted in the war against Custer extensively.

Because of this, most independent towns distrust them currently, seeing them as opportunistic parasites or lapdogs of the American Northern Army.


They do not have the ability to manufacture like most post-war factions which has directed them to retain their cheap greaser look.

The majority of the Rockers' equipment is looted from Ellsworth AFB. The dependence to pre-War military tech was an advantage at first but has become a hindrance in recent years as resources become more scarce. Luckily, the ANA is generous enough to give the Rockers new weapons and ammo for their continued cooperation.

Activities & Interests

The Rockers are mercenaries foremost and take any opportunity for jobs, as long as they line up with Max's sometimes contradictory moral compass.

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