"Samskerski and Batchens was a company based on electricity. We were like the princes of electrical appliances until the bombs dropped. We had designed all these things... People were amazed with our work. The Reds ruined everything, though. All the work... gone. Turned to ash."
―George Batchens, 2276
Samskerski & Batchens was a large pre-war company dealing in electronics (terminals, toasters, lighting, etc.). 


Samskerski & Batchens was founded in 2049 by inventor Alan Samskerski and electrician George Batchens. Within fourteen years of the company's creation, the company had become a success and their products were bought by many people, and was nearly up to standards of RobCo and Poseidon Energy. When the bombs fell, most of the S&B Warehouses were destroyed.

They had one joint venture with Vault-Tec. S&B was involved with the design of Vault 56 (A vault with the experiment of self-producing food. The experiment failed and ended up mutating several of the dwellers of the vault.).

Radiation Controversy

On April 7th, 2077, multiple employees of Samskerski & Batchens died of radiation when there was a leak in an assembly room. Due to this, two people, Carter Greenway and Judy Eletra, attempted to sue S&B. The company said that they did not hold responsibility for these deaths. On May 24th, it was found that it was a sabotage (much like Mama Dolce's) by members of the People's Liberation Army. Before the agent was put in jail, the bombs had dropped.

Product List

S&B Brand Toaster (A Model)

S&B Brand Toaster (A1 Model)

S&B Brand Toaster (B Model)

S&B Brand Coffee Mug Cleaner

S&B Brand Coffee Maker (A Model)

S&B Brand Coffee Maker (B Model)

S&B Brand Terminal (Model A)

S&B Brand Intercom (Model A)

S&B Brand Intercom (Model B)

S&B Brand 60W Fluorescent Light Bulb (Multiple colors)

S&B Brand 40W Candelabra Bulb


Notable Employees

Mark Vaser (Public Relations) (Resident of Underworld)

Julia Eshrow (Sales VP) (Feral ghoul)

8-Ball (Real name unknown) (Unknown job) (Feral ghoul)

Kellogg Andrews (Assembly line worker) (Ghoulified wanderer)