Satan Fe
Satan Fe
Political Information
Societal Information
Location(s):New Mexico and Arizona
Historical Information
Policy Information
Enemies:Wasteland Pacific, Mikado, New California Railroad, Railway Rovers, Midessa Compact.
Satan Fe is a rogue group of Railroad Nomads who turned to raiders after being outcast for repeated breaches of the Railway Code. They are named after the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway and they paint their trains red (unlike other nomads who paint them black) They are mostly based in New Mexico and Arizona where their numbers grew, restoring and riding new trains they found. They are the only company that keeps permanent slaves. (Gangers in other companies are often forced to join but are paid at the end of a contract, and they are fed extremely well)


The first Satan Fe tribe were the No. 1129 tribe, who were a Wasteland Pacific tribe that refused to adapt their locomotive from coal to oil firing. Due to this choice they had no interest in the alliances formed upon the construction of the Fort Holly-Midessa route in 2220.

Satan Fe Locomotive

A Satan Fe Locomotive, painted red

They instead traveled south and remained in that area, attacking passersby for their supplies as they had little to trade. Wasteland Pacific was blamed for the attacks and Wasteland Pacific in retaliation sought out their train and attacked it. In retaliation, Satan Fe responded by slaughtering everyone on the attacking train, including non-combatants, a clear violation of the Railway Code.

After this Satan Fe painted their locomotive red and steamed off into the west.

Wasteland Pacific believed that they had disappeared completely until they appeared again, this time with an unknown number of tribes on an unknown number of trains.