Saul Varsey
Saul Varsey
Date of birth:2249


Early Childhood

Born in one of the larger fishing villages of the Mississippian Gulf Coast, Saul had the fortune of being born into one of the better families of the town. His father owned his own boat, gone for days at a time in pursuit of larger and larger catches of mutated fish. His mother was a former caravan driver who fell in love with Saul's father and stayed while the rest of her caravan left without her. Saul spent most of his early childhood being educated by his parents, who were able to teach him basic writing and how to read.

Saul was not a terribly popular child growing up, Saul was often picked on for his stutter and short height.


Bitter, cynical and bellicose; Saul seems to be your typical wasteland jerk. Highly opinionated, he'll argue until he's blue in the face (even after he was proven wrong) that his view is the correct view with sometimes very little evidence. Saul further compounds this by having viewpoints that are often contrary to what the wider wasteland believes especially regarding tribal, chem and other matters. Often peppering his speech with bursts of incredibility foul language, he is actually an effective debater and speaker due to his intensity. Saul is often the aggressor in most conflicts,

Deep down, however, Saul is a nice guy at heart. He'll remain loyal to his friends, even if he spends most of his time making fun of them or reminding them how much he dislikes all of them, and try to do the morally right thing (most of the time).

Saul is also a drinking and chem-using man. Although he uses both types of substances for recreational purposes rather than a full-blown addiction, his friends often berate him for it.