"Hey kid if you actually were feral.. You'd know that they don't attack other ghouls."
Carl Applebottom being attacked by a Quisling
Savage syndrome (Also known as Quisling syndrome) is a psychological condition that causes the victim to lose sanity, and to think they are mutating. It usually occurs to non feral ghouls to Think that they are turning feral. Eventually they begin to act like ferals, yet sometimes still use weapons and cunning much like a non feral. S.S. also is prone to affect cannibals who begin to start acting like zombies and try to hang out with ferals, ironically the ferals might actually accept the Quisling into their group.

Common Cases

"You're not a fucking Vampire!"
Bram Harcker encountering a "Vampire"
  • Ghouls who act feral, yet still use firearms and weapons.
  • people who think they are ghouls, feral and Non.
  • People who start acting like Vampire after contact with Nocturnals.
  • People who start acting like Mirelurks after swimming in the water for to long.
  • Sometimes people act like super mutants or centaurs.


"If you don't stop acting like a Mirelurk, IMA FUCKING DROWN YOU!!!"
Ivan Zaroff using his world renowned therapeutic skills
  • Placebos are sometimes effective.
  • Asserting dominance through posture and threats.
  • Drug therapy; typically with Pyscho or Jet.

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