"The Scrapyard? It's nothing but a war-torn, ravaged land, dominated by chem warlords, and raiders. You probably don't want to risk goin' down there."
―A Wastelander on the Scrapyard
General Information
Location:Ontario Wasteland

The Scrapyard is the remnants of downtown Rochester, located west of Vault 115. Nobody exactly knows why the Scrapyard got it's name, but the most accepted theory across the Ontario Wasteland is that there was alot of pre-war junk left behind when the bombs dropped, and various scrappers that survived the bombs saw the junk, and proceeded to make a fortune off of the junk for years to come.

Nowadays, the Scrapyard is a seeping cesspool of feral ghouls, crime, and raider gangs, such as the RPD, the Sons of The Devil, and the Junkyard Dogs. Due to the abundance of hostile inhabitants, and years of weathering on the buildings that once made Rochester a manufacturing nexus across the former United States, makes the Scrapyard a treacherous place to travel across.

The Scrapyard is also littered with raider and junkie dens, probably the most notorious of all of the dens has to be Highfalls, a settlement that was made out of the former High Falls district.


The economy for the Scrapyard is mainly focused on trade of chems, prostitutes, slaves, and weapons. Druglords keep a firm hold on the economy of the region, and keep the various junkies that inhabit the ruins of the city satisfied. Ghoul Fighting has also risen up in the city, and various ghoul fight club owners in the Scrapyard have been fighting, and scrambling over eachother to make their arenas better than their opponents.


The culture of the Scrapyard can be described like the food chain. Only the best of the best can survive in the ruins of the city, and the lower down in command, like slaves, can only survive for a few hours, at best.


The Scrapyard is a very treacherous place to traverse across, with various portions of the former road and cityscape ravaged and in a upheaval.

Notable Locations


A major settlement in the Scrapyard. The raider, and junkie town of Highfalls serves as the base of operations for the Sons of The Devil, a biker-esque raider gang that operates in the Scrapyard, and regions surrounding the ruins of Rochester. Based in the former entertainment district of High Falls, Highfalls is a major chem producer in the Scrapyard.

Codac Tower

Once the headquarters for the prominent camera-producing company of Codac, the Codac Tower now has something a bit weirder operating inside of it. A cult, the Followers of Westman, have taken hold of the Codac Tower, and have proceeded to make it their impregnable base of operations.

Rochester Underworld

The long-abandoned sewer systems of the city, now home for sane ghouls that seek shelter, and a place to live. While the Rochester Underworld housed very unfortunate souls that couldn't get into the vaults in the city, and decided to seek shelter in the sewer system, various ghouls that were recently ghoulified now come to the Rochester Underworld for a place to live.

The Subway

The former subway system of the city of Rochester, The Subway is a prime location for the distribution of chems and weapons, however, the long-term residents of the metro system haven't kept the feral ghouls that roam the subway system in check.

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