General Information
Notable Individuals:
Factions:Mississippi Traders Union
Notable events:Unknown
Current status:A safe haven and marketplace in the ruins of Louisville.

The Seelbach is a partially ruined hotel in the crumbling wreckage of Louisville, Kentucky. It was built in the Beaux Arts Baroque style at the beginning of the 20th century by Otto and Louis Seelbach, brothers and entrepreneurs with experience in the restaurant industry. An expansion was built within a few years of its opening and the hotel proved popular with dignitaries and celebrities staying in the area; typically for the Kentucky Derby. Much of the upper portion of the building was destroyed or damaged in 2077, and the elements wrecked further harm upon the venerable building; a few of the floors above the lobby as well as the basement levels survived more or less unscathed.

Its remains were picked over by scavengers and inhabited by wanderers for many years. During the turn of the 22nd century, a consortium of wasteland merchants took up residence and turned the lobby and the ratskeller (below street-level bar) into a bazaar. The surviving upper levels were used as residences by the merchants and their troupe of porters and guards, keeping the Seelbach perpetually occupied. Traders not affiliated with the founding consortium were allowed to rent space out, an option sometimes pursued by the Mississippi Traders Union and others.

East Central Commonwealth

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