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Seth Connor
Seth Connor
Biographical information

Mojave Wasteland

Date of birth

June 7, 2224 (aged 57)

Physical description

Sergeant (formerly)


Human, Caucasian




New California Republic

"Don't got no place to be, don't bother leavin'. Don't got no gun, don't bother goin' anywhere. Wasteland ain't no place to be treadin' unwisely. Use yer wits and you might get somewhere, know what I mean?"
―Seth Connor, October 2281.
Seth Connor, born June 7, 2224, is a former soldier, mercenary and bounty hunter currently operating in the Mojave Wasteland.

As of 2277, he has been active in and around Nevada after his caravan was stopped at the Mojave Outpost by NCR authorities due to the ongoing war against Caesar's Legion. He had intentions of traveling east past Colorado and has since lived in Novac, Freeside, Westside and even the New Vegas Strip itself at one point. As of this moment, his most popular choice of residence is in Novac and promises to hunt geckos as payment for his stay.

Currently in 2281, he follows the tales and stories of Courier Six closely and supports the NCR in winning against the Legion in the hypothetical Second Battle of Hoover Dam.


Early Life

"Born and raised. Reddin' was a shithole, and home to a bunch of drunks, junkies, and other queers. Not much to do in Reddin', 'cept work the mines. That's why I up and left, and enlisted with NCR. Still, I'll never forget it until the end of my days. I hear they herd brahmin now."
―Seth, 2281.

Seth Connor was born in Redding, New California on June 7, 2224. He is allegedly the descendant of Brotherhood of Steel deserters from the Lost Hills bunker in California and his grandfather was a former Paladin, who had ditched the bunker in order to be with a commoner he had fallen for. Seth himself grew up in downtown Redding and his father was a miner and his mother was a trader. At the young age of nine years old, his mother was killed after her caravan was attacked by bandits, most likely remnants of the Vipers or New Khans. His father continued working, as by this point Seth had now a younger brother, born 2228, and a younger sister, born 2230.

To be continued.

NCRA Service and the Battle of Navarro

To be written.

Leaving the West Coast

"Miss President Tandi's death was dark times for NCR. For years, I, and others 'course, felt the weight of the bureaucracy, takin' advantage of her age and usin' the poor woman like a damn puppet on a string. NCR wasn't the same again, I'm afraid, and ain't gonna' be for a long time."
―Seth, on Tandi's death, 2281.

In 2248, Seth left Redding at the age of 24 after the death of President Tandi. Having served previously in the New California Republic Army against the Enclave (he was present at the taking of Navarro), he commented that her death was the beginning of "dark times" for the NCR and already "felt the weight of the bureaucracy" after her health began to decline. He traveled north-east, to Gecko, where he met a traveling group of ghouls who were looking to head to Idaho. However, they lacked proper security in case of raiders. They claimed they were comedians and included Don, Bill, and Mel, and called themselves the Beautiful Group of Three as a pun regarding their condition. Seth agreed to join them and was paid a quarter of his caps up front to buy some ammo for his rifle.

On their way to Idaho, they breached the southern border of the former State of Oregon. There, they discovered a small shanty town named Rabbit Run that had fallen on hard times. Shots were fired when they approached the main gates, and the ghouls were told off, yet the sentry and sheriff were surprised to see Seth. They allowed him to enter and promised that his companions - a lack of racial violence was not promised - could enter to barter if he managed to recover the town's stolen weapons. He reluctantly agreed, Seth and the ghouls were short on supplies and badly needed to trade, and so headed to the saloon to hire some help with the little caps he had. The ghouls were not cut out for fighting, they were more curious explorers, and Seth had exhausted his bullets fending off hungry creatures. The ghouls gave him more caps for more ammo, but Seth required another body in order to fulfill this mission. Fortunately, the bruiser he discovered was a former resident of the Hub and accepted his NCR dollar bills. There was a catch, though. The hired gun did not wish to exchange names, nor did he want to delve too deep into each other's history. To Seth, this was not surprising. He had met so many like him before, names were not important in the Wasteland unless they had some weight. Perhaps that is why he wished to remain anonymous?

"I ain't ever seen somethin' so beautiful in all my life. It's amazing that, even in a hellish place such as this one, you can still find some light worth livin' for."
―Seth, on Goldie, 2281.

On his way out of the bar, he stumbled over the barmaid's heels as she was serving drinks. The gun, who had gone "out back for a piss," was no longer present and so Seth had the opportunity to try his luck. She was concerned at first, then giggled after Seth retained his balance and made a joke out of it. Her name was Goldie, that was her name. She lacked a surname and, after continuously prodding at her brain, told Seth that she was a former worker born into slavery. Her parents were killed at a young age due to incompetence, and so the slave drivers took to calling her "Goldie" because of her long, strawberry blonde hair. She was later freed by the owner of the saloon. Hoping that he had not upset her with his constant bickering, she reassured him that it was fine, and Seth was just curious, just as anyone else who meets her. The saloon was empty, so Goldie invited him to sit at a booth to talk. He had told her that he was from California, and she was highly interested in this, she loved meeting strangers from locations completely alien to her. Goldie was held in a slaver compound in northern Oregon and had heard stories and even saw pictures of California from before the war, she found it beautiful. However, Seth had to disclose the horrors of the Core Region, the extent of raider bands, the expansive NCR government and dysfunctional societies that dotted the Californian Wasteland. Still, she commented that she'd like to travel there.

Just then, the hired gun had returned. A long time for passing urine, Seth did not question the extended period, stood and thanked Goldie for her kind hospitality. They headed out the door, "I need ammo," Seth said. "Fine," snapped the mercenary, "I'll wait by the gate." Seth nodded and proceeded in the opposite direction, heading for the makeshift shelter that had a large pink and neon sign atop its door: "GUNS," it simply read. What a way to attract customers. Seth was about to open the squeaky door when he heard muffled yelling and loud banging, so he quickly slouched and peaked through the keyhole. The clerk, an old timer by the looks of it with a long gray beard and oily bald head, was being harassed by a gang of three young misfits. "I swear," he shrieked, "I don't have it anymore!" One of the brutes, the one wearing a leather jacket and had slicked back blond hair, slammed his fist into the elder's side. He fell to his knees, only to be smacked down again by a quick right hook. Seth took a deep breath and twisted the doorknob, letting the door swing and lightly smack against the dark wooden counter. The air was cold, and the lighting inside the store was not great. "Who the fuck are you?" Another troublemaker, this time, one with black hair, stood up to Seth while the blond and third, red-headed, looked on. Seth asked what was going on, he was told to shut up. In response, Seth whipped out his pistol - a nice, chrome .44 magnum revolver once owned by his uncle - and jabbed the barrel into the moron's abdomen, suggesting that they leave the poor old man alone. The blond and red-haired thugs just laughed, while the black-haired thug was shitting himself.

To be continued.

Experiences in Idaho

To be written.

Heading Home

To be written.

Siege of King City

To be written.

Mercenary Career

To be written.

NCR-Legion War

To be written.



  • Karl Connor, born 2228, is Seth's younger brother who is currently stationed at Camp Forlorn Hope in the Mojave Wasteland. He is a senior NCR ranger and former veteran, who currently fulfills paperwork duties on behalf of military officials. Although there isn't much of a difference, Seth seems closer to his brother than he is with his sister. He lived in Redding, then moved to Shady Sands to live with his wife and now currently resides in the eastern camp itself. He has a son, born 2250, and daughter, born 2258.
  • Stephanie "Steph" Zeidler (née Connor), born 2230, is Seth's younger sister who currently resides in Junktown, New California as a local political representative. Her relationship with Seth is not strained, and she has no ill will against her brother, though she is critical of him leaving for Oregon back in 2248. Nevertheless, she is not at all bothered, and as long as Seth does not completely alienate himself from the family, she's happy enough. She married in 2252 and has one son, born in the same year, who currently resides in Montana.



Personal Qualities

Description and Personality

Seth is a white Caucasian male, standing roughly at 6'1" with a medium to heavy build and with little body fat. His age stands out with his wrinkled mouth and blackened blue eyes, and his hairy, darkened bare arms show such affiliated features. His chestnut brown hair and goatee glisten with silver, and his cheeks are covered in fluffy gray tufts. His bushy eyebrows are still very much brown, though they do contain the odd gray hair or two. Other than that, his outward appearance is a generally neutral one, but many do not find him a difficult man to decode, his calm expression gives the impression that he does not hold any ill will against those who may approach.

Seth's appearance spells out his personality. He is a calm, mellow human being who enjoys a good joke, a quiet evening at his local saloon and is almost always willing to lend a hand, so long as he does not get himself too involved. However, lighthearted he may be, he is not in any way amusing to a crazy extent. He can offer a quick laugh, throw back banter and make a humorous comment, but he'll never jump around like a village idiot. He leaves that to the professionals, while he sits back, takes a drag from his cigarette and then a slug of whiskey, watching in amusement. He does not appreciate those that disturb the peace, though, and will chase away delinquents if he must.

Interests and Hobbies

Despite fulfilling the criteria of the typical wastelander, Seth is actually quite well educated and enjoys reading literature that predates the apocalypse itself, most notably texts from the Second World War and the Cold War. However, his brain is in no way comparable to that of an encyclopedia, the limited amount of readable books and holotapes suppresses his desire to gain more extensive and detailed knowledge. Most of what he knows is riddled with holes and finds himself unable to explain missing details. He also came across a few old war documentaries and movies on his travels and, while the quality of the tapes were not flawless, he did gain a further insight into the subjects they explored. He also makes use of old school textbooks, taught himself basic math and some science, and even exposed himself to the Christian and Hebrew Bibles.

To be continued.

Political and Religious Views

Seth is a supporter of the New California Republic and firmly believes in a proportional representative democratic republic with a proper written constitution, upholding basic civil liberties and anti-slavery laws to protect all citizens. However, Seth has been described as a radical and does not support the NCR's annexation of Nevada. He believes that the NCR, instead of protecting Mojave citizens, is actually exploiting the confrontation to gain a foothold in the region for their own imperialist agenda and uses the newly integrated taxation laws as proof. Independent farmers are subjected to alien oppression, where they are forced to give up caps that they don't even have to a war machine concerned only for its expanding territorial borders. Seth believes the Mojave is currently under militaristic occupation and dislikes Aaron Kimball, current President of the NCR. In relation to Old World politics, Seth would be described and placed along the political spectrum as a moderate socialist to a socio-liberal. Wealth should not be used as a way to exploit the masses, but each individual should have the right to hold a livable amount based on their contribution to society.

Although Seth is aware of God and even Jesus Christ, he is unsure of his beliefs and does not believe that such a supernatural deity would allow humanity to destroy itself. However, he often questions God's interference in human affairs and the extent of free will. Does God have control? He has come to the conclusion that these kinds of questions are better off left unanswered and, like many wastelanders, ignores such concepts as religion. One would say he is neutral on the subject. However, he enjoys reading religious texts and is very interested in how most post-apocalyptic cults operate. A prime example is Caesar's Legion, where Caesar himself is treated as a demi-god and related to the mythological figure Mars. He does not believe Caesar is special, he has stumbled across literature exploring the Roman Republic and Empire, and does not believe what most cults spout. Nevertheless, he remains respective - to an extent - towards certain beliefs that do not breach his humanistic outlook on life.

Skills and Talents

Seth specializes as a marksman and is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to either fixing or creating something. He knows how to easily craft stimpaks, if he has the correct materials, though he is not familiar with most medical treatment. However, he can tend to a simple wound (such as a gunshot wound) to the best of his abilities and knows how to use disinfectant efficiently. When it comes to armor or weapons, he's a little more clueless. Of course, he knows how to strip and repair his rifle, and he knows how to patch up his armor after a firefight, but he'd experience severe difficulty if he ever tried to create either from scratch. He has made pieces of armor or clothing in the past, such as stylizing himself a poncho, but he leaves full-body armor to the experts. Other than that, he has a silver-tongue for bartering and can reduce most proposed prices to almost three-quarters of what it's worth. Nevertheless, Seth's demeanor has gotten himself into bother with those much larger than himself.



"Don't touch the hat."
―Seth, unknown date.

Seth, for a wastelander, has a typically standard choice of clothing. Currently, he wears a black leather jacket, pants, and boots, as well as an old black cowboy hat, given to him as a young boy by his mother.

To be continued.


To be written.


To be written.