"Its called that because you feel it going up your spine, gives you a little shiver."
Edward Taylor on his creation
A recent entry into the chem markets of the Badlands Territory, Shiver is a powerful tranquilizer, capable of sending users into comas.

hundreds of ring-pulls worth


Shiver was first synthesized by Edward Taylor, a drifting chem brewer and dealer, in 2279. Blended from a special type of Switch Grass in irradiated Rapid City. Ground into a paste and then mixed with a splash of water, he then boils it down until only hard crystals are left. It was first traded to a raider by the name of Shrew, who would fall asleep twice while talking to his chief.

Wondering what he was on, the chief sent for Edward. The chemist handed out samples of his creation, to the great approval of the raiders. Since then it has been a popular substance with the city's raiders, as well as a few traveling merchants and caravans.


Shiver affects the user instantly upon ingestion, usually in the feeling of a minor burning in their nose, and a painful 'drip' in their throat. Several minutes after ingestion the user will feel very relaxed and light, with the namesake shiver running down their backs. Their mood will be improved, with some being observed going from depression to euphoria. Ingestion by smoking has similar effects, though a cough is much more likely to develop. The smokers teeth and gums will also begin to yellow and rot and a much faster rate than normal, leading a few to actually remove their teeth for easier smoking. Withdraw symptoms often include powerful muscle cramps and nightmares, something that wards off the more feint-hearted.

Long-term effects have only been recorded twice, due to the lifestyle of most users. They seemed to be experiencing the hallmark signs of radiation poisoning however, along with constant skin irritation and auditory hallucinations.

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