"C'mon soldier, take a load off"
―one of the girls showing her support.
Silk Arches
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Organizational Information
Owned By:Abagail Perkins
Incorporation Status:Brothel
General Information
Location(s):Tall Town, Badlands Territory
Historical Information
Founded by:Abagail Perkins
Status:looking pretty

A inconspicuous building tucked off of a main street, Silk Arches is nonetheless a popular destination for the residents of Tall Town, being a quality brothel.


The Arches were the dream of Abagail Perkins, a prominent dry goods merchant in Vermillion and one that she would be able to afford in 2260. She sent several trusted men to look at the other cities where she could go. She would be sent a letter by one of her men in Tall Town about the receptiveness of the town.

Abagail would prepare to move the next spring and closed her business, moving at first thaw. She arrived weeks later, with seven young ladies in-tow. She inspected several locations and purchased a small warehouse from the ANA, and hired a few hands to renovate it.

They moved in during the summer of 2261, and were a sensation almost overnight. She and her girls would be working constantly, filling a need that the freelancers in town couldn't. To ensure continued goodwill, Madame Perkins offered free service to troopers of the ANA. They would be on their backs around the clock as war spread across the territory, with young men headed to the Borderlands often making a stop there before they left. The Arches remain a popular establishment within the city, seeing dozens of visitors a day.

Amenities & Features

Silk Arches offers some of the finest companionship in Tall Town, employing several beautiful women to service clients. Madame Perkins often plays a fiddle, providing some music. They offer refreshments to preferred customers, but most visitors pass.