General Information
Location:Southern California, along the

Colorado River

Population:approx. 80-120
Notable Individuals:Thomas Black

Jack Johnson

Factions:New California Republic

Black Mine Company

Notable events:Battle of Silverton

A small frontier mining town setup along the NCR side of the Colorado River.


The town itself was formed by a wealthy...Prospector, he had made several fortunes by prospecting for silver and gold and then selling them to powerful mining companies or the NCR government, however at one point this lone prospector name Thomas Black wanted nothing more than to find a place to settle down and raise a family. When prospecting along the Colorado he discover a small cave upon searching the cave he found sticks of TNT along with pickaxes and other mining material, the cave turned out to be a black market minig operation run by a greedy Badlander Mercenary simply named 'Trouble'. Thomas saw the mine and the massive bane of gold and silver within it he immediately wanted the place for himself. Thomas returning to the nearby town of New Essex hired several mercenaries to help him clear the cave out, yet upon hearing that Trouble was a Badlander, they backed off. Thomas went all across town trying to get someone to help him stake his claim, even trying to convince the town drunks but no one wanted to mess with the Badlanders. So Thomas frustrated decided to return to the mine all on his on to chase Trouble and his men off. Trouble and his men at first laughed at the small man that demanded they leave the mine, but Thomas wasn't discouraged he pulled out his .357 magnum and shot Trouble and his men dead as they laughed themselves silly. Thomas promptly surveyed the mine and found that the banes of gold and silver were bigger than he had ever estimated emanng that there was upwards of 60 million dollars of gold and roughly 2 million dollars (NCR dollar) worth of silver in that one mine. Examination of the surrounding found that there were at least four other banes in the area close to the surface. Realizing this was the strike of his career he decided against selling it to the government or some mining company. He headed back to New Essex and hired every able bodied man in the town and brought them out to work the mines under the employment of the new Black Mining Company, he soon had his new workers setting up a camp around the mine while he hired a small army of mercenaries with the revenues from the gold and silver the mine was digging up. Trade with the rest of the New California Republic was rather fruitful and as the miners dug into the surrounding banes this trade only became more profitable. Thomas himself became the founder of Silverton, the town that evolved from the miner's camp. The Black Mine Company became one of the most successful in all of New California and the town prospered. However with their success came many challenges one of them being the powerful Cattle Baron Jack Henderson.

The Battle of Silverton

Tom Henderson was one of the most powerful cattle baron's in all of New California, only seconded by Heck Gunderson. Tom's empire stretched across most of Baja California, where he owned a series of large ranches and plantations. Always looking for ways to beat his rival Heck Gunderson Tom saw the mines as a way to attain these means, he gathered his private army of mercenaries made up of everyone from NCR military veterans to Badlander mercenaries. This army converged on Silverton where it faced the forces of Thomas Black, a few dozen miners armed with caravan shotguns and few hunting rifles backing this up was an NCR Ranger named Jack Johnson. Ranger Johnson was a tough frontiersmen who had served at both battles of the Hoover Dam and was hardened from his experiences, he had come to Silverton after being wounded at the 2nd Battle of Hoover Dam. Johnson was probably the best hope the town had, he planned to try and negotiate with Tom. When he tried to do this he was shot at, even fully outfitted in his Ranger patrol armor. From that point on the town became armed camp as the town prepared for the attack and as a result the area around the town became filled with mines, booby traps and ambush points. Thomas himself walked around with his old .357. However, on the day of the battle it started off peaceful enough, watchmen watched the walls and surrounding area when suddenly three of them fell from sniper fire as the watchmen fell from their posts on the town wall, a watchmen unharmed by sniper fire spotted the mercenaries charging the town. The town militia along with Thomas and Jack ran to the walls sighting thier weapons as the mercenaries came running over the hill. The whole wall suddenly exploded as every man fired his or her own weapon at the oncoming  mercs, the first wave was beaten back by the militia along with a second and third wave, when the fourth came racing over the terrain the militia, already low on ammunition was forced to retreat from the walls as they retreated to within the town, yet the mercenaries most of them tired from fighting for most of the day found the prospect of fighting in the town walls not the most favorable. Thus they took as much gold as they could fit on their person and left. As for Tom watching his men get chewed apart all day only to see his final wave up and quit infuriated him, he went down in front of the returning group of mercenaries and demanded they return to the battle, he was shot for his efforts. 

On the Frontline

It wasn't long before the continuing war with Caesar's Legion came to Silverton across the river from Silverton was an NCR military base known as Kimball Point, it was the place then General Kimball had crossed the river an made a base in the ruins of the town of Parker, Arizona. The camp had been left alone for most of te war only dealing with a few Legion raiding parties which were easily beaten off, the camp had become a jump off point for Ranger raids into Legion territory. The camp was serviced by a small ferry, run by a ghoul named Sam, he was a persistent old bastard and had been charging people to cross the Colorado since 2100, according to him. His ferry mostly serviced the NCR military by bringing supplies across. The Legion deployed a cohort under the command of a Legate named Cassius to take the base out. The camp's garrison was mostly made up of Rangers with only a single squad of troopers to support them, yet the NCR brass simply denied sending reinforcements to the camp stating that the rangers could hold the line themselves. This proved to be true but the rangers were incredibly strained during the siege and sam's ferry was going non-stop all night. as the situation continued to deteriorate the NCR began to send reinforcements across on the ferry and eventually the town became a conduit for supplies moving to Sam's ferry. However the quartermaster in charge began to let certain things slide, like cigarettes, some ammo maybe a suit of combat armor would go missing, eventually the NCR deployed MPs to the town to make sure the supplies got to where they were supposed to. The town only became more militarized as reports came in of a Legion raiding party crossing the river in Colorado, A squad of NCR troopers under First Sergeant Bates moved into the town, he and his men began to patrol along the road that went between New Essex and Silverton. Eventually the Legion raiding party and after ambushing and nearly killing Sergeant Bates they moved on to Silverton. The legion started by offering the town to surrender, Thomas flatly turned this offer down and again Ranger Johnson and the town Militia were on the walls. The Legion performed their classic human wave attack charging the town walls as the Militia, MPs and NCR troopers unloaded into the charging troops. However the Legionnaires were able to force their way into the town and fighting was soon going on in the streets of the town, yet the towns folk were able to beat off the Legion just as it seemed the situation couldn't get any bleaker. Yet the victory came at a heavy cost, a heavier reliance on the NCR came as the battle had cost them many of the towns men, and soon the town mines were federalized as President Kimball began to rebuild the NCR treasury.

Notable Townsfolk

Thomas Black 

Born in Shady Sands to William and Sharon Black, he spent most of his years hearing stories of his father's days as a trooper in the NCR army, fighting the evil Enclave, Vipers, Jackals and even the fearsome Brotherhood of Steel. Hearing these stories Thomas naturally grew up to become a rather adventurous person.Thomas had been for most of his life a prospector with a keen eye for money making land grabs, he had one through out California seeking out good farming or grazing land, Ore deposits, he'd then claim the land and sell it off to a client. He had spent most of his life doing this when he cam upon the site that would one day become Silverton.

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