The Slave Lake Rangers were an organisation founded on the 4th of August, 2210, In the ruins of Yellowknife.



In 2210, frequent raiding began on Yellowknife by raiders who operated on the Great Slave Lake. Due to settlements like Denton and Anchortown not caring much for Yellowknife, the city was unprotected. One man from Denton, John Cobran, decided to help the people of Yellowknife, and lead a team of four people there. Days later, Yellowknife was attacked, and his team repelled the raiders. Due to this, people began to join his team, and he eventually founded the Slave Lake Rangers in the old Yellowknife Police Department.


Following its rise to power, the Slave Lake Rangers became extremely popular among the people of Yellowknife and even back home in Denton. New Recruits flocked to join them and they were able to successfully attack and destroy the largest Raider fortification in the area. They soon became the strongest and largest force in the region.

Denton Militia

The Denton Militia formed in 2215 and was a subdivision of the Slave Lake Rangers. It was dedicated to protecting the settlement of Denton and made good use of boats to do so.

Yellowknife Pirate Raids

in 2261, The Slave Lake Rangers were hit by surprise by a large group of Raiders, who had by now constructed their own raft. A large battle ensued wherein the crossfire 12 of Anchortown's residents were killed by Pirates. Eventually, they were driven off by the Rangers.



The Slave Lake Rangers are popular among the peoples of Yellowknife, and whenever a large group of Rangers rolls through town, the civilians are proud to shelter them.


They have an outstanding relationship with Denton, especially due to the founding of the Denton Militia.


Ever since the Yellowknife Pirate Raids, the people of Anchortown and the Rangers have been skeptical of each other, and a plot was even uncovered at one point to ambush the Rangers.