South Mills
General Information
Location:Broken Banks, North Carolina
Current status:Ruins

South Mills was a town located in the northern reaches of the former state of North Carolina (or Southeast Commonwealth). Prior to the Great War, it was an unincorporated community home to a few hundred people and a post office. While a few buildings on the National Register of Historic Places were located in the South Mills area, the area was never of great importance before the war. Today, it is home to a clan of Swampfolk disrupting trade with the Columbia Commonwealth.


The unincorporated community of South Mills never reached a population over 500 people, with a mass migration already depopulating the community before the Great War. By the time the bombs fell in 2077, the community's poverty rate had skyrocketed. Its most exciting location was the post office of South Mills, where over ten letters were once delivered in a whole day to the building. To celebrate, a meeting was held with cake. This was the most eventful thing that ever happened in South Mills before the bombs fell.

After the bombs fell, the few people left in South Mills left, the community did not last long. Most people left the already-depopulated community. The ones who stayed died of starvation or raiders. A few families remained in the area. Due to inbreeding and radiation, the people mutated into a Swampfolk community. With a family tree resembling a spider web, the Swampfolk of South Mills are hostile to anyone entering their community, protecting their cousin-wives with a wide arsenal of weapons, including pitchforks and hunting rifles.


One brave enough to take on the Swampfolk in South Mills will be rewarded with plenty of supplies, namely weapons and chems including:

  • .308 ammo
  • Dog meat
  • Hunting Rifles
  • Pippy Cola
  • Stimpacks