South Spencerport Research Laboratory
South Spencerport Research Laboratories
General Information
Location:Ontario Wasteland

The South Spencerport Research Laboratories was a US-government funded genetic research laboratory that researched the human genome, and unlike the West Tek research facility in California, the South Spencerport Research Laboratories did not use the FEV in their projects.


The facility was constructed in 2058, located southeast of the near-by town of Spencerport. Funded by the government and contracted to be a multi-purpose genetic research facility for both civilian and government use, but however, the latter use of the facility powered over the civilian use.

In 2060, the facility started their first real important project, which was mapping the human genome. By 2065, the scientists at the South Spencerport Research Laboratories had completed their first project, but however, before anyone that was stationed at the facility could have time to rest, the U.S government had another project ready for the South Spencerport Research Laboratories.

The project that the scientists received was nicknamed "Cold Steel", which was to make a animal that would be able to do mass killings, stealings, and just cause havoc across major Chinese towns, and cities. The scientists reluctantly agreed, and began creating what would soon be nicknamed as "Vixens".

However, the project suffered from many delays, and failures. On various occasions, the government stopped by the laboratories and observed the progress on the Vixens. The first successful prototype of a Vixen was created in 2073, and luckily, some U.S government officials were stationed at the facility when the first litter of Vixen pups were born.

The Vixen project remained nominal until 2076. Due to a staff member accidentally leaving a door unlocked, the Vixens escaped their holding pen--and proceeded to kill most of the staff of the South Spencerport Research Laboratories.

The following year wasn't exactly good for the South Spencerport Research Laboratories, five days before the Great War, the location of the facility was exposed. And on the day of the Great War, the research facility was hit dead-on by a nuclear missile, and by some miracle, the Vixens escaped from the facility, and left out into the new Ontario Wasteland.