"We go around our square route, so we're Square round"
―Caravan Boss John Thompson on the company name.

A small Caravan in California the Square round are a small but well off company employing around two dozens locals.

Square 'round Caravans
Organizational Information
Owned By:Michael Moorse
Incorporation Status:Caravan
Mission Statement:Make money
General Information
Historical Information
Founded by:John Thompson


Square 'round was first envisioned by small town merchant John Thompson in 2235 as a delivery service for customers that lived out of town. It wasn't until he learned that his town, Mulbridge, produced apples that were considered luxuries in a neighboring town that he considered long trips. He thus bought a pair of Brahmin and a wagon, put a small crew together and loaded them down with apples. With him at the lead the caravan set off to Anderhaul, and arrived after a peaceful two days of travel.

Once they arrived in town, a crowd quickly gathered around them, either because they saw the apples they had, or simply because they were newcomers. Selling the apples well below his competitors, John and his crew sold out within a hour and wasted no time loading up with shoes to take back with them. This trade replaced his shop over the next few months as his primary money maker. In 2243 John learned that a moderate sized town a few weeks of travel away, Cresttown, was in desperate need of building supplies as they were experiencing a "boom." Never one to miss a opportunity, John approached the small logging community of Redwood to set up a supply for lumber.

The lumber returned far more than his investment in it and he was able to afford to fill his wagon with metal tools which he and his crew promptly returned with to Redwood and sold to the lumberjacks, and with that the square was formed. Over the next four decades the route has remained the same, though the products and flows have changed, with Anderhaul now providing shoes to Cresttown, and Mullbridge feeding Redwood.

Despite the rise of Taxes in the 2270s to pay for increasingly bloody wars in the Mojave and elsewhere, the company continued to be a viable competitor. They were even able to buy airtime on several episodes of Cat Chat. They saw their profits decline during the late 70s and early 80s, but things evened out around 2285. To try and regain the lost wealth, the new owner Micheal Moorse organized an expedition to the far north of NCR territory. Trying to take advantage of the NCR's shoring up of the area, they instead found a larger market in the settlers and tribals that already lived there. After making a tidy profit, they returned hastily back to California before the local garrison caught wind of their activities. Since then, things have continued to operate as normal.


S.R. deals primarily in perishable foods and construction equipment, as well as shoes and leather goods. They stick primarily to their own area in Central California, but will sometimes join up with other companies if it looks profitable enough.