Once simple Kudzu, it has mutated to overrun several locations in the former Southeast Commonwealth and Gulf Commonwealth, especially the Foreverglades. Emerging sometime in the late 2170s, the plant has caused many deaths since.


Squeezers differ greatly from their pre-War cousins, Spreading very little after the vine has grown to 'adulthood', being of a much greater size, and reacting to stimuli. This last part is how it earned it's name, as any object weighing around an ounce or more will cause a section of the vine to constrict around it, crushing it easily. It was first observed outside of Atlanta in the 2170s, and thought to have been a giant snake. A closer observation revealed the plant matter, however, and lead to the discovery of it's reactivity, to the misfortune of one of the observers.

Since that time it has spread, covering thousands of acres despite the best efforts of local farmers and communities.


It has been spotted throughout the southern Commonwealths, sometimes growing nearby unmutated Kudzu, though the reason for why this is is unknown. It has also been used as a weapon of war on occasion, with segments of vines being planted in untouched areas, with the offending species draining most nutrients from the earth, which differs greatly from the behavior on unmutated Kudzu. It is as notoriously hard to remove as the smaller vines, with dedicated teams and heavy flamers needed to make a dent in it's expansion.

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