Steeple Firearms
Steeple Firearms
Organizational Information
Owned By:N/A
Manager:Joshua Steeple
Mission Statement:Profit
General Information
Headquarters:Albany, New York
Notable Employees:Joshua Steeple
Historical Information
Founded by:Joshua Steeple
A pre-war company that manufactured guns, Steeple arms can still be found, albeit rarely, in the wastes. Before the war it was almost as well known for the rumored activities of its president as for its weapons.


Founded in 2055 by Joshua Steeple, a venture capitalist, Steeple firearms was a way of laundering Joshua's money, as he was also tied to several criminal figures, and was trying to duck a RICO. The company itself however was a clean cut organization that often competed for a number of government contracts for weapons, winning only one in 2075 for the manufacture of a new side-arm for the Highway Patrol in the Gulf Commonwealth.

During its 20 years of production it was almost always at the center of some new scandal involving criminals and Steeple firearms, but Joshua Steeple's connections stopped all investigations before they had advanced far. It was the great war that finally stopped both production and activity.


Steeple Spotter: a marksman rifle built for urban combat, it fired a .223 subsonic round designed to shatter upon entering a body and not exiting. After it was beaten by the DKS for the Army, a large amount of these were "lost" on-route to a warehouse and were later seen being used by communist rebels in South America.

The Jogger's Friend: A very easily concealed .357 semi-auto, this was made for people who "found themselves in dangerous situations" according to the company's monthly newsletter, despite the fact that most users of this were criminals.

Steeple Rancher: A twenty gauge pump-shotgun capable of holding 7 shells. Marketed predominant in rural areas and regional gun shows, where it attracted a fan base for its tough dependability. It also gained some fame with urban buyers, as many Ranchers were used in home invasions and robberies.

Steeple Arrow: A Sub-Machine Gun chambered in .30 that was capable of holding sixty shots with a drum magazine. Conceived in 2067 as a lightweight weapon for urban fighting on either side of the Pacific. The Arrow was not adopted by the army, leading to a marketing campaign calling it a self-defense weapon, and a steady number of sales.

Steeple model IV: a medium frame .38 special revolver, production started in 2076, with the initial batch marketed as protection in riots, they later started claiming that it was one of the most reliable pistols made to try and cash in on the public's fears of atomic war.