Sweet Home
General Information
Location:Four Seasons, Texas
"It ain't much, but, it's something."
―Sweet Home resident
The small village of Sweet Home is located in one of the toughest places to live in all of post-war Texas, the Four Seasons. Not only dealing with tough environmental conditions such as heavy wind, hail and others; they are dealing with the various creatures and oddities that inhabit the region. The few hardscrabble settlers that live in Sweet Home do so for the rich scavenging opportunities in the region.

History of Settlement

Sweet Home originally started out as nothing more than a small campsite frequented by adventurers to the region. Protected by the large and still relatively intact pre-war bridge overhead, it gave solid protection against the elements that most other campsites couldn't. As time progressed, some became suggesting that they settle in Sweet Home. It was more or less one of the more habitable places in the Four Seasons.

The settlement of Sweet Home first begun when a group of three adventurers, left behind by the rest of their party as the three were too wounded to continue on their journey, built the first ramshackle shanty house underneath the old bridge in 2238. As the years following, the smallest trickle of settlers joined the original three. Most settled in Sweet Home because that was their "end of the road", the had no other options. Either they had a bounty on their heads, they were escaping debts or something far worse. A select few stayed for the rare economic opportunity it offered, the chance to scavenge in the nearly untouched but dangerous ruins of the Four Seasons.

The settlers of Sweet Home slowly established themselves in the hostile environment of the Four Seasons. Despite the threats from the wild and dangerous creatures that call the Four Seasons home, the hazardous weather conditions; the settlement managed to survive and has the honor of being only one of a few human settlements in the region.