Table Rock
Table Rock Mountain
General Information
Location:Along the South Carolina - North Carolina border.
Notable Individuals:
Factions:Local Tribes
Notable events:Unknown
Current status:Primitive, but peaceful tribal territory.

Roughly between the tension of Nashville and haunted, church-strewn Charleston is a land of natural splendor. Table Rock State Park is the beautiful, though hardly idyllic, edge of the Blue Ridge Mountain along the Tennessee-South Carolina border. Its inhabitants are the primitive descendants of those who escaped to the hills when the war came.



The park was built on what was once Cherokee land by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930s. It functioned like any other state park for decades afterward, though industries began lobbying to exploit its resources in the late 2060s. The disaster wrought upon the Grand Canyon inspired a great deal of protest and counter-lobbying, stymieing the process until the war rendered the issue moot.

The War

Though the region was bombed in an effort to wipe out the populace, the mountains still provided some shelter to those who made it. Many landmarks were deformed or destroyed, but the CCC-built lodge managed to survive.


The devastation wrought upon the region was plainly visible from the heights of Table Rock, so those who had survived in the mountains were not inclined to leave. The survivors experienced numerous casualties in their first year after the war but quickly reached an equilibrium that exists to the present: a small community of hunter-gatherers and scavengers scattered among various camps.


The people of Table Rock are frequently mistaken for primitives, but they are as literate and tech-savvy as the average wasteland townie. They choose to remain in the rugged mountains partially out of tradition, but mostly because they've been able to master their home territory to such an extent that they've kept raiders and marauders from gaining any kind of a foothold. They think security from the predations of their fellow man is well worth the inaccessibility of most "modern" amenities. Though they have little leisure time, the people of Table Rock use their free time reveling in the marvels of nature: swimming, rock-climbing, and stargazing are all beloved pastimes. Outsiders who bring songs or stories can secure a spot by the campfire, and traders are welcome among decoy camps erected to keep raider spies from learning where their true homes are.


The people of Table Rock are generally self-sufficient capable of living off the land. They're not adverse to trading food or water to outsiders in exchange for weapons or things that catch their interest. They don't believe in currency and think anyone trying to pass off caps, ring pulls, or the like to be pandering charlatans.


Above the family level there exists little government beyond consensus driven councils, arising as needed. Crime within the community is rare; anything that cannot be handled with reparations or settlements between aggrieved parties is handled with exile, execution, or a duel as appropriate. If anything momentous were to take place (such as spotting a huge group of travelers, unusual weather, etc.) the camps might all send representatives to the Lodge.

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