Quotes of Yore


"I heard ye can tea-bag live folks too but I ain't never tried it."
―Dead-Eye Dick
"...but once Cross-Eye and the baby died I ain't see no reason what to waste meat. She'd a want it that way I reckon."
―Dead-Eye Dick
"I heard that Jacob Vaughton"
―Jaycub Vawtun were some kind of angry fightin' bitch, but I done swore I angry dragon’d her a couple weeks ago.
"I'm fittinta plug that Stefanie McRae"
―Stefi girl, see if she spit out some right proper young'ns.
"Roland Rockfort huh? I'd like to rock her fort."
―Dead-Eye Dick
"I seen that Surtr once. Thought I'd chase her down what for a roll in the hay 'n such, but I didn't want my haar t'ketch faar."
―Dead-Eye Dick
"Might go look up 'em Andor and Chrysanthemum Arceneaux"
―twins, I 'eard theyse were like me 'n Cross-Eye.
"I'd like to find that Brian Harmon"
―Harmon lady's head. I gots a real good use fer it.


"AH, AH, AH GOD! OH MY GOD WHAT THE FUCKING FUCKITY FUCK WAS THAT THING!? Bartender, get me another triple shot of vodka, and make it right fuckin' snappy!"
―Mikhael Rowey attempting to bleach his mind after seeing Dead-eye.
"Dear God! What has the good Lord wrought t'day?!"
―Silas Webb after hearing a thankfully vague account of Dead-Eye Dick's adventures.
"Uhhh... Hey, Miles, you see that shit? I-Is that guy trying to rape a officer?"
―Jay P. Ramsey noticing Dead-Eye taking advantage of a previous kill.
"Wha- Hold up... What the fuck? Jesus Christ, he's eating him too! Oh dear lord, so much blood and semen...."
―Miles Parker, leader of the Union, watching Dick rape and eat an Enclave officer with fellow Insurgent, Jay.
"What the fucks he doing with that dead guys head?"
"He made me shit into my helmet respirator out of fright and throw up my fucking boxer shorts out of disgust, man. Wait, I said that wrong. Mind must be fucked after the encounter."
―Conor Strauss describing the day he witnessed Dead-Eye doing his dastardly deeds.
"One time, I saw the king of all the Wendigos. You can tell he's the boss because he can talk and he smells worse. Also these big, bald birds follow him around. If you hear screaming in the sky look up, because the bald birds are warning you."
―Gerti Flowers
"Excuse me, I'm just going to go poke out my mind's eye."
―Jacob Vaughton after hearing about Dick's interesting diet and "hobbies"
"Well, at first, I thought he was a Feral that had spent some time swimming in a septic tank. Then I thought he might be a real zombie. Then I saw what he was doing to the body. Now I think he's . . . There are no words. There are just no words."
―Jackal recounts a run-in with Dead-Eye
"Even Hel would reject the likes of him."
―Bjorn Gudmundson commenting on Dick's proclivities and habits.
"... Make peace with your gods, you'll be in a better place right after I reload."
―Powell Stantzmann, displaying his usual stone cold demeanor as he euthanizes several of Dick's victims
"“He….he tried to touch me….and…*sniff* he kept calling me a girl…and, and, I want my mommy….”"
―Jethro Salem after meeting Dick for the first time. Needless to say, Jethro broke down after Dick left.
"He was nice. We ate a Raider for lunch. He called me a big woman. Said there was more to love. Don't know what that means . . ."
―Roy, possibly the only living creature with anything good to say about Dead-Eye
"I read somewhere that what has been seen can never be unseen. God, I wish that weren't true."
"Dead-Eye Dick? Yeah, I've heard of him. I hear he smells like rotten Brahmin meat that a Deathclaw shit out, and ugly enough to scare a Super Mutant Behemoth into submission... but that's just gossip. I'll know if it's true or not if I meet him in person."
―Dan Harris during a discussion at Moriarty's saloon in Megaton.

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