A now defunct raider band, in their time the Tall Hills were feared and hated throughout eastern Kansas. They would fall to in-fighting almost immediately after reaching their peak, resulting in the destruction of the clan.

Tall Hills raiders
Tall Hill Raiders
Political Information
Group type:raider band
Leader:Big Boar Bundy
Societal Information
Notable members:John Brooks
Historical Information
Founded by:Big Boar Bundy
Policy Information
Goals:Kill, steal, fun


The Tall Hills were originally a off-shoot of the Slow Dog raider clan, a group that pillaged western Kansas during the fall and winter, before heading into Colorado during the spring. Big Boar Bundy was not happy with this, as the devastation they inflicted was never fully repaired, and they pillaged less and less each year. Hoping to fix this, Bundy convinced a dozen of his friends and men under him and they split off to the east. The pickings they found were much easier, as the people of the region had never faced a serious raider problem in recent memory. Taking what they wanted they grew quickly as word of their exploits would spread throughout the seedier side of the area.

In their prime the Tall Hills had fifty raiders spread throughout Kansas causing havoc and growing rich. This would change, as Bundy set his sights on River's Landing a moderate sized trading town that sat on the Missouri River. Calling back his raiders, Bundy surveyed the town for two months before forming the plan that would take the settlement. He picked ten of his best men and had them armed with the best gear they had pillaged and had them wait by the river with two rafts.

Their signal was the full scale assault launched by their compatriots who threw themselves at the front of the town, and drew all the guards there. The ten infiltrators found no resistance waiting, and made their way through the town, killing the mayor and attacking the defenders from behind routing them. By the time the sun had set, the Tall Hills had the town under their control.


They would only have a week to enjoy their spoils before a coup split them apart. Bundy's secondary chief, Viper, thought it was time for him to take over, and he had gathered twenty who thought he was right. The resulting civil war would further destroy the town, and leave twelve Hills standing, all of whom from Bundy's faction. Bundy himself had died in the initial attack however, so they wandered around the coast until they were killed by vigilantes, bringing an end to the Tall Hills.

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