Tenessee Flag
General Information
"Tennessee - America at its best"
―State slogan
Tennessee is the name of the Pre-War state which was part of the East Central Commonwealth. It bordered with Kentucky and Virginia to the north, Missouri to the northwest, Arkansas to the southwest, North Carolina to the east and Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia to the south. It was nicknamed as the 'Volunteer State', and was the 16th state to join the United States of America on July 1, 1796.


Western Tennessee

Tennessee State Map Western Tennessee
The western part of the state, especially near the Arkansas border, is marked by the several, often quite large swamps filled with mutated critters. Everything located in the lowlands of the Mississippi River is considered to be part of Western Tennessee.

Middle Tennessee

Middle Tennessee
The 41 counties of Middle Tennessee (red). Middle Tennessee was characterized by rolling hills and fertile stream valleys, and consists of that portion of the state east of the Tennessee River's western crossing of the state and west of the Cumberland Plateau.



"Believe me, Florida has been greatly overrated. One acre of our fine Tennessee land is worth a thousand here"
Rachel Jackson
East Central Commonwealth