Sabaton - The Price of a Mile (Lyrics English & Deutsch)

Sabaton - The Price of a Mile (Lyrics English & Deutsch)

The Borderlands
The Borderlands
General Information
Location:Badlands Territory
Population:Unknown, most likely in the several hundreds
Notable Individuals:
Factions:American Northern Army, Custer's American Army, Dakota, Plains Militia, Sons of Bismarck, Border Bandits
Notable events:The Generals' War
Current status:An active war zone avoided by all sane people

The Borderlands is a relatively new region. Once a sparsely inhabited stretch of land on the South Dakota-North Dakota border, the Borderlands went from nowhere to nightmare very quickly in 2280 when the Generals' War was declared. The region was inundated with trenches, and the ground became an even more blasted wasteland than before. Now, as the war has gone stale, the Borderlands has become inhabited by more factions than just the American Northern Army and Custer's American Army. Various scavengers and deserters turned raiders known as Border Bandits emerged, as well as an old enemy of the ANA, the Sons of Bismarck. The Borderlands still sits shattered, engulfed by war.



  • Cox
  • Camp Ludlow
  • Heavenerhell
  • Pikesgrave
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