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The Brass Dingos
The Brass Dingos
Political Information
Group type:Nomadic Raiders
Leader Title:Bossman
Motto:"The Dingos ate your baby"
Societal Information
Location(s):Northern Territory and Western Australia
Historical Information
Policy Information
Goals:To Party
Enemies:Dome City
The Brass Dingos are a collection of nomadic bikers descended from pre-war bike gangs, highway patrolmen and bike enthusiasts. The gang is formed from several older gangs that over the years lost members and formed other groups. This motley crew of 103 bikers roams the Australian outback. They ride hard, work hard, raid hard, and party hard. This group of miscreants and drug addicts plague areas in Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

In an attempt to rule the remaining highway systems of Australia the motorcycle madmen of the Brass Dingos roam the deteriorating highways and rural routes. While time and neglect has taken its tole on the group, what they lack in any formal controls they make up for in shock and awe. The Dingos believe they have much more power than they actually possess. They may believe themselves the masters of the roads but really they're a band of jumped up raiders. They are a dirty pack of vagabonds in the wasteland, looting from the tribals and settlements they encounter. Like locusts, anything of value is stripped and scrapped.


The history of the Brass Dingos is informal and mostly oral. Few historians waste paper on the chronicles of a highway gang. After the bombs fell the situation on the roadways turned chaotic. As the government of Australia declined its grip in the country was the first to go. In the hills and deserts gangs exercised considerable power while the police did their best to hold things together. The impossible task pushed many lawmen to the breaking point. Only the lucky and the stubborn could last long enough to make a difference. As the pay from the regional governments became less and less, many of the police began switching sides to feed their families. Some police simply drove off, never to return. In their absence the highways were a hotbed of undeterred gang warfare. Bikers and hot-rodders were ready to go all out over the hint of petrol anywhere. In those days it was a death sentence to be out on the road.

Over time the gangs fought themselves to near extinction. The smaller gangs were wiped out completely and the larger gangs merged in an effort to stay alive. The Brass Dingos was one of those gangs that survived the initial blood bath. With most of the fighting over and gang territory marked, the dingos pillage and recruit among the towns in their area. Most small towns are crushed by these bikers, with significant resistance only coming from larger places like Dome City. The bikers have roamed the highways for years and have continued to find enough food and fuel to sustain their efforts. As other gangs have fallen apart the dingos have become more prominent and serve as a lasting reminder of the chaos on the roadways.

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