"So I found this old holotape the other day, going through some poor sod's house yeah. Anyway, I gets back home, gather the misses and the kids to show them whatever it was... Yeah even a horror movie, they've seen worse. So I starts it right? Nuttin but a man screwin his own mutter. I know its his mum, cause the title was 'mommy and me'. Wish I would have checked it first."
―conversation overheard in the bar.
The Brown Rose is a popular drinking establishment in Kilkenny, Ireland. It has been serving the area of over 50 years and been serviced itself from time to time.
The Brown Rose
The Brown Rose
General Information
Location:Killkenny, Leinster


The Brown Rose was opened on February 22 on 2222 in Kilkenny. It's owner, Amadeus Amadeus Shallighleee, thought there should be a "classy joint" for people to get black out drunk in, and finding none around, made his own. Breaking into a old boarded up house, he retrofitted it into a bar, which equaled nailing a table onto the edge of a desk, and putting the skeletons of the previous inhabitants into chairs by the door as bouncers.

At first the humble folk of kilkenny thought he was making sometype of waffle franchise, but once they found out that he had a whiskey supplier, they rushed over and began throwing their money at him, in a blind rush to get drunk. Since the smashing success of opening night, the brown rose has been packed day after day.


Being a proper place, the rose has many rooms for those looking for more than drinking, including; the boxing room. Being a bar that serves a few rowdy types in addition to the righteous drunks, Amadeus put together a boxing room, where you can store your belongings so they don't get smashed in a fight on the main floor.