The Causeway
General Information
Location:Broken Banks
Establishment:Last rebuilt in 2276
Notable Individuals:Guarded by Douglas Newman and Frank Teuber
Factions:Elizabeth City
Notable events:N/A
Current status:Operational

The Causeway is a bridge extending across the Pasquotank River. Most travelers along the Broken Banks travel into the city via the Causeway. The bridge, built on Highway 153, has been built and rebuilt countless times since the Great War. Today, it is a heavily-guarded bridge with stocked guard towers on both sides. The route on which the Causeway is built extends through Elizabeth City. It connects to the abandoned, dilapidated city of Camden and, eventually, the cities along the northern Broken Banks. It is one of the more iconic vistas in Elizabeth City.


Times Destroyed

  • 2112 (Destroyed to Deter Hammerheads) The most memorable time the Causeway was destroyed was during the revolution of 2112. During the hurricane, charges were placed under the bridge. This action prevented reinforcements from entering the city, though the destruction of this bridge was blamed on the Hurricane. While it is not a secret in Elizabeth City, most people generally assume that the Causeway met its fate because it was washed away. It can be assumed, however, that the Causeway's survivability during the hurricane was shoddy at best. The iconic image of the destroyed Causeway was photographed, the copy still hanging in the Elizabeth City Capitol Building today. The Causeway remained destroyed until 2115, when efforts to rebuild the bridge began. The Causeway was fortified to deter raiders or, worse, the Hammerheads. An extra floor was added to the rightmost guard tower and metal plating was added to the building for safe measures.
  • 2174: (Washed away by hurricane)
  • 2193: (Washed away by hurricane)
  • 2194: (Collapsed during rebuilding)
  • 2197: (The Nuka Incident) When the bridge was re-opened after multiple collapses in the 2190s, raiders took advantage of the new entrance to Elizabeth City. During their attack, the raiders were spotted by the guard tower and fired upon. Panicking, one raider armed with a mini-nuke intended for the Elizabeth City Capitol Building fired at the rightmost guard tower. The tower collapsed, taking out the bridge in the process.
  • 2214: (Washed away by hurricane)
  • 2274: (Washed away by hurricane)