The Conduits of the Atom
The Conduits of the Atom
Political Information
Group type:Ghoul Cult
Leader Title:Leader
Leader:The Roth Brothers
Motto:We are born in bright blazing light, and we shall die in that light.
Societal Information
Location(s):The Capital Wasteland
Historical Information
Policy Information
Goals:Survival and the creation of ghouls
Enemies:All Non-ghouls
Formed after the bombs dropped and certain survivors turned into ghouls, The Roth Brothers gathered up their brethren: sane and feral alike, in hopes of joining to together to survive. They are The Conduits of The Atom


The goals of The Conduits is to stay alive, and to bring others into a special and warm existence or ghoulification.


The Conduits are located in the Capital Wasteland. They mainly use the underground networks to hide and travel. Their bases are always located near huge sources of radiation.

Ranking system

The main ranking system is very strange to outsiders. First comes The Roth Brothers: the two ghouls who started The Conduits. Next are the Chosen Ones, or Glowing ones as smoothskins call them. Then the sane ghouls. At the bottom are the feral ghouls who are usually troopers and works for The Conduits. All non-ghoul members are used as slaves, suicide troops and food. Super mutants are also not considered full members because they are not ghouls.

Military Power

Although they don't have much technology they have numbers and knowledge. They have the technology of raiders, but are as numerous as a hive of ants. They usually raid cities for food and anything that produces radiation. On many spots they harvest vast amounts of water to dunk their slaves in to make them true members of The Conduits of The Atom.

The Process of The Bright Light

Becoming a full member of The Conduits is as simple as dragging a body up a hill and eating it. All a person has to do is find the group and join that is if you're a ghoul already if not, then you become a slave an dunked in water full of radiation until you, die or become a true conduit for the power of atom.