The Depot
The Depot
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Current status:Functioning

This centuries old building houses the hopes of an intrepid band of adventurers who wish to turn it into the focal point of a new policy in the ruins of Minneapolis, Minnesota.



The Milwaukee Road Depot was built in 1899 for use by the Milwaukee Road (formerly known as Chicago, Milwaukee, and St. Paul Railroad).

The Depot fluttered with activity during the late 1800s when Minneapolis was a rapidly growing city. At the peak of activity in 1920, the prosperous Depot was bustling with 29 trains departing daily. In 1971, the Milwaukee Road terminated rail service to Minneapolis and converted the building into office use. In 1978, the Minnesota Historical Society placed The Depot and the nearby freight house on the National Register of Historic Places.

The depot and surrounding area were sold to a private firm in 1998 and between then and 2001, was converted into a hotel. It remained a hotel up until the Great War.

The War

Though the surrounding city was devastated by atomic fire and the chaos instigated by those who survived; the Depot withstood, though worse for the wear. It's windows had all been shattered, and everything inside right down to the doors and plumbing fixtures was scavenged in short order.


After the fires had died down in the Twin Cities, the Depot continued to offer a reprieve to travelers. In the decades its endured, serving as a raider or junkie den from time to time, becoming grimmer and more dilapidated. In 2279, a group of mercenaries and prospectors cleared the Depot of its raider residents and began using the building to store the spoils of battle and salvaging. They frequently took to patrolling the nearby ruined blocks to drive away other undesirables as well as dangerous creatures. Their efforts made the immediate area safer, and they were able to convince a small, independent caravan to make stops at the Depot so the adventurers could trade their spoils for necessities like food and medicine. The adventurers now harbor ambitions of turning the Depot into a full-fledged settlement and are looking for ways to create an economy outside of scavenging to draw in settlers.

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