The Eastern Shore
The Eastern Shore
General Information
Population:Roughly 11,000
Notable Individuals:
Factions:Local Factions
Notable events:Historical events

Located in the pre-war state of Maryland, just north and across the Chesapeake Bay from the infamous Point Lookout, the Eastern Shore (often referred to as simply 'The Shore') was once the home of hundreds of thousands of farmers, fishermen, commuters and more. Now it is now home to only wandering bands of primitive, slightly mutated, tribals whom scrap a hunter-gather like existence from it's once rich lands and coasts.

Swampfolk prowl in the darkest corners of The Shore, and xenophobic town-dwellers consider themselves to be under siege by both the tribals and the Swampfolk also call this place home; causing an interesting and often-times deadly confrontations between these varied groups.



Columbia Commonwealth

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