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The Frontiersmen
The Frontiersmen
Political Information
Group type:paramilitary outfit
Leader Title:Grandmaster of the Lodge
Leader:Abigail Bacher
Motto:"To cull those wild brutes!"
Societal Information
Headquarters:Gallatin Forest, Montana
Historical Information
Founded by:Willow T. Grier
Policy Information
Protection of settlers
Eradication of invasive tribals
Allies:Dupont Crime Family
Enemies:The Badtusk Clan
Chevalle Crime Family

The Grand Lodge of the Frontier, The Frontiersmen's Lodge, or simply The Frontiersmen, are an independent band of mercenaries, hunters, and explorers that have been operating in the former Northern Commonwealth since their founding in 2231 by Willow T. Grier. They have been in numerous skirmishes with the region's tribals and raiders, most famously in their campaign against Denga Badtusk's Horde from 2254 to 2257. Since then, they have slowly expanded their operations into Idaho, most notably, New Twin Falls.


Early Years

The Badtusk War

Operations in New Twin Falls

Activities and Interests


The Frontiersmen Lodge in the Gallatin Forest of Montana




While the Frontiersmen have only been in contact with one pack, the "Skintakers", initial interaction was almost immediately hostile. The tribals' brutality and cannibalism make them one of the Frontiersmens' greatest foes in the region.

The Badtusk Clan

Prior to the Badtusk War, the Frontiersmen dismissed the clan as harmless and of little threat to civilization. This notion, along with their involvement in New Anaconda, would cause the Frontiersmen to delay their intervention in Denga Badtusk's warpath for nearly 16 years after it had begun.

Custer's American Army

The Frontiersmen and CAA are neither allies nor enemies. The Frontiersmen harbor a handful of American Army defectors in their ranks, and rarely operate near Deadwood due to a lack of employment opportunities, creating little diplomatic interaction between the two organizations.

New Anaconda




Northern Commonwealth

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