The Gorgalax

"Why can't I beat the Gorgalax!?"
―Promotional blurb from the box art.
The Gorgalax was a personal computer game released by Power Jump game studios shortly before the great war. Some rare copies have been found, but most have been lost to time.


The Gorgalax was first conceived as a futuristic space western, but technological constraints would change the development into a fantasy adventure title. It was the first game made by Power Jump, who occupied the back half of a lingerie store. Started in 2076, the game would be finished in late August of the next year, with the decision being made to delay the release until October.

The company hoped that would provide enough time to both recoup their losses and ride the hype into the Christmas season. The Great War would put an end to these plans, as well as Power Jump, all of their employees being killed in the initial bombing. Several thousand copies were made and distributed across the country, but time and weather have destroyed all but a handful. One of which would end up in the hands of Samuel Ramon Merrida Alvende, who would discard it as trash.

Game play

The game plays like your standard overhead adventure game, though with the notable ability to jump, with the character's avatar growing slightly larger to represent them becoming closer to the camera. Combat takes place in real time, though accessing your item and ability wheel pauses the game. The goal is to gather the nine sacred treasures and save your land from The Gorgalax. A monstrous conqueror, it was imprisoned in the heart of one of your planet's three moons. Escaping by magical means, the game will take players to several distinct regions, including the other moons.


"You fool, you'll never beat The Gorgalax. Only a true whale master could hope to."
―mignicnag, whale priest
"please Bethany, don't fight The Gorgalax, we could run!"
― Susan Oliqwer, childhood friend