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The Horseshoe
The Horseshoe
General Information
Notable Individuals:
Factions:Cyrusian Slavers
Notable events:The Siege of the Horseshoe(2225)
The Second Siege of the Horseshoe(2268)

The Horseshoe was a slaver fortress and the seat of power of Cyrus Tombs during his reign. Before the Great War, The Horseshoe was the home of "The Buckeyes" football team, and at a time, the seventh largest non-racing stadium in the world.



The Horseshoe was built in 1922 after the field it was built on wasn't large enough to accommodate the crowds in attendance. Afterwards, it was expanded three times, in 1948, 1991, and 2001. During the Great War, the stadium was used as a makeshift aid center, and for the unfortunate souls mistaking it for a bomb shelter, a graveyard.


It was 2110 before the Horseshoe was rediscovered in the ruins of Columbus, and even then it was just used as a resting stop for people venturing to the southeast from the north. It ran like this for more than 100 years before a clever young raider named Cyrus Tombs arrived at the gates of The Horseshoe.

The First Siege of the Horseshoe

Cyrus's Reign

The Second Siege of the Horseshoe

Temple's Reign

Post-Temple Years




The Horseshoe is ruled by King Cyrus Tombs, an egotistical sadist who claims all of pre-war Ohio as his domain. (Although his presence is only felt in and around the Columbus ruins.) It is a quasi-monarchy with Cyrus as its sole leader on all issues. Every slaver is responsible for himself and is above no other slaver, meaning that when a decision is to be made amongst them, it is solved democratically, or not at all.


Crime and Punishment

"The Chamber"

East Central Commonwealth

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