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"For too long, the salty sea dogs of the corpse coast have pillaged and stolen from it's residents. I would say they're due for a sweet treat."
―Beefcake Jones to his men
"Also I think we can all agree we are itching for a scrap so we might as well show the villagers a thing or two, as well, eh paps?"
―Beefcake Jones, itching for a scrap.
The Marshmallow Boys
The Marshmallow Boys
Political Information
Group type:Mercenary Outfit
Leader Title:Big Fluff
Leader:Beefcake Jones
Motto:The Marshmallow Boys never run from a scrap!
Societal Information
Location(s):Corpse Coast
Historical Information
Founded by:Oberleutnant Süß Flaum
Policy Information
To participate in the maximum scraps possible
Enemies:Geist Korps, The Wily Bastards
A ragtag band of ruffians, raggamuffins, scoundrels, and all around scallywags, The Marshmallow Boys are a prominent mercenary company operating on the Corpse Coast, and arguably the most dangerous marshmallow-themed combat force in the entire Wasteland.

The original Marshmallow Boys were founded in 1949 by ex-Waffen SS officer Süß Flaum to satisfy his unquenchable thirst for war. Dubbed the Eibischjungen, they were a brutal and efficient fighting force that took any job as long as it paid well. The outfit fought on every continent in the world, in every major conflict since the mid-20the century, committing numerous war crimes in the process. Even the Great War between China and the United States couldn’t stop their lust for destruction.

Decisive scraps in history of the MM boys


The Domestic Squabble between Mr. And Mrs. Richards.



"Everything I intend to change or destroy about the Corpse is exemplified in these ill-disciplined buffoons."
―Conrad Brandt of the Geist Korps
"I wouldn't mess with the Marshmallow Boys if I were you. They're some real bad apples! They don't even pay for their soda pop!"
―A Brotherhood of Steel Paladin warning another not to scrap with the Boys.
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