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The Northern Mercs
TheNorthernMercs Icon
Political Information
Group type:Mercenary Group
Societal Information
Location(s):Northern Areas of The Commonwealth
Notable members:Robert Sing
Historical Information
Founded by:< Various >
Policy Information
Goals:Making a Positive Difference in The Commonwealth
Allies:< None >
Enemies:Any and All Raiders
The Northern Mercs were a relatively short-lived group of mercenaries that operated within the northern areas of The Commonwealth. They worked to serve various communities to make a positive difference while maintaining no official allegiances or obligations to anyone.


The Northern Mercs were founded during the relatively early days of the year 2285 when the four original members met in Diamond City - specifically at the Dugout Inn - on a night off. Two of the original members - Jastor and Torry - had been working a job together while the other two were simply staying at the same inn that night.

They all engaged in conversation after a few drinks, discovering that not only were they all mercenaries, but they had relatively similar goals. For a variety of different reasons, they all wanted to make some sort of positive difference in The Commonwealth, whether it be the curbing of the malice of Raiders or coming to the aid of communities. After many drinks and discovering that they all had relatively common goals within The Commonwealth, they decided to band together and try to achieve said goals together. It wasn't until several weeks later that they officially formed themselves into the group known as The Norther Mercs.


Founding Members

< The remaining members coming soon >

Jastor Nostes

Jastor Nostes (Pronounced: Hast-or Nost-ez) was the only Hispanic member of the group having traveled for many months from the Mexican region. His name is actually one he gave himself after a point in his past that he absolutely refuses to talk about. He also refused to talk about anything prior to this mysterious event.

He is skilled with a shotgun and hunting rifle, though he has also become relatively proficient in the use of blunt weapons such as clubs since ammunition is not always available or affordable.

Robert Sing

Robert Sing is one of the founding members of the group.

Torry Higgins

< Coming Soon >

Other Members

Andrew Costle

Andrew was the only member of The Northern Mercs that was not involved with the group's inception, instead joining the group some time during 2286. He was also the last person to join the group, bringing the total membership of the group up to five people.

In 2287 prior to the establishment of Bobby's Outpost, Andrew was killed on one of the group's final jobs.


Being a small group with a limited amount of typical mercenary equipment, they were far from a powerful force within The Commonwealth. They did, however, have enough strength to take on various Raider Groups. They were also known to have taken on a very small group of Super Mutants, but this - known only to the group - was a once-off occurrence.

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