The Papal States
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General Information
Population:Around 20,000
Current status:Thriving
"With the blessing of God, our great lands have prospered"
―Pope Vicente II.
A conglomerate of feudal baronies, duchies, dukedoms, lordships, and earldoms, The Papal States represent the greatest stability found in all of Tamaulipas. Deriving their authority from God, this new papacy based in Soto La Marina draws strength from the dozens of feudal start-ups which pledge fealty to their pontiff in exchange for troops and a blessing.

With secure lands, sustainable agriculture, and a stable government whose cornerstone is a common shared faith, The Papal States have quickly become the largest unified region of Tamaulipas. They seem to be on a path towards further expansion and eventual conflicts with the cattle barons to their north and the English to their south who are buffered out by The Saltlands.