The Renaissance is a small organization run out of the Hyperion Club in the ruins of Harlem. Having stumbled upon a cache of Pre-War luxury, the group seeks to return culture to the New York City Wastes.

The Renaissance
Political Information
Leader:Samson Smith
Motto:Glory days are here again
Societal Information
Headquarters:The Hyperion Club
Location(s):Manhattan, New York
Historical Information
Policy Information
Goals:Return Pre-War luxury and culture to New York City



The original members of the Renaissance were pooled from various Skyscraper Tribes. Men and women representing the Graffiti Men, the Vaudevillains, the Spider-Men, and others. Since then, individuals from other groups and independent Wastelanders have joined the group.

The group is not very selective in who they allow to join. Prospective members apply at the Hyperion Club and are given room and board. If they demonstrate that they are willing to learn, and seem truly interested in spreading Pre-War culture and luxury across the New York City Wastes, they are made members of the group. If it turns out that they seem only to be petitioning the group for room and board, they are politely turned away.

Activities & Interests

The mission statement of the group is to spread culture and return New York City to its Pre-War opulence. To that end, they welcome travelers and passerbys to experience the luxury and extravagance of the Hyperion Club, and to understand the high culture that existed in the area before the Great War. Among other things, they hold balls and galas, host travelers, put on plays, and host musical concerts.

In addition, the Renaissance sponsors a radio broadcast that emits from an antenna on the roof of the Hyperion. Ascension Radio broadcasts Pre-War music and holotapes all across the New York City Wastes, spreading their message.


Because of their location on the north side of the Concrete Jungle, the Renaissance are somewhat isolated from other groups on Manhattan, such as the Federal Republic of Libeteria. Travel through the dilapidated midtown ruins are dangerous, so very few groups do so.

Hip-Hop Nation is the closest settlement to the Hyperion Club, located a few miles away in the Bronx, across the Harlem River. The men and women of Hip-Hop Nation generally are amenable and agreeable to the Renaissance. Much of the goods that the Renaissance trades for was either produced in the settlement across the river, or was at the very least purchased from there.

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