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The Scrapping Post (Sk-rap-ing-post) was created in the Oilfields by caravans and merchants. The town grew from travelers and merchants in the Oilfields.

The Scrapping Post
General Information
Location:The Oilfields
Population:40 (legal) +37 (squatters, etc)
Current status:Active


The Scrapping post was formed from the remnants of a pre- war junkyard. Todd Fishers caravan on their way to Abile but after seeing the junk yard, he decided stopped here to sell some scrap and make some money. He wasn't the only caravan heading up to Abile as many others stopped at the junkyard to make some money. One of these caravans was lead by Kenny Rogers who was a former bounty hunter. At this time Todd was in the process of trying to keep some order and law in the area. Kenny offered to help by using his trained merchants to guard and police the area.

Todd stated that he could use all the help he could get and accepted the offer. They had little success in keeping order, but luckily they heard that most the people were leaving in big caravans too Abile or Eastland. They both planned on taking control in the area tomorrow as the area would be lightly populated. The next day came and had better luck with policing the area. Most people their were fine with a idea of a government, therefore they contributed. Making the old office their HQ, the main shelter was established in a makeshift shack.

Todd had men clear as much scrap as possible at the post and used it for resources. This gave them extra space to expand. Those already settled their began to establish houses and shops to create their settlement. With already having 22 settled, Todd had announced the name of the new trading post while having a couple settlers create signs to the Scrapping post.

Kenny became the sheriff with his guards as deputies or city guards. Travelers soon slowly came to the post, some for shelter and others to trade. Word had spread to Abile and Eastland of the scrap and trade at the post. The population slowly increased which marked another expansion onto the streets outside with small shacks and tents. Todd established a law in which squatters and other non- official citizens still have to pay small taxes, join militias, and not have the same rights as citizens.

As of 2287, the Scrapping post has died down from a major hub to a small trading post with just the right amounts of trade made to survive.


The Scrapping post is a trading post which lots of merchants and travelers stop at. They accept caps and water as the lake is a couple miles down. But there is a place for almost everyone where you can trade whatever you have.


Citizens of the Scrapping post are normal traders and merchants that are trying make a living. But other citizens hunt and settle around the river. Some even go as far as building houses in city limits to receive protection but go to other cities for jobs. Most citizens are nice and smarter than mutants. Refugees come from random locations and will show up. Some refugees are smart and others aren't, same with some being a bit civilized and mannered and others acting as barbaric raiders.


The Scrapping post is run under a council that creates the town. The Council is formed from the Fisher family, the Rogers family, and a few others. It is also formed from some of the richest company owners their.


The posts security was formed from Kenny's caravan in which he trained his merchants to fight as he himself used to be a mercenary and bounty hunter. Today they have a sheriff, guards, deputies, and a militia. The council usually responds to this by hiring mercenaries or bounty hunters to kill of the gang or outlaw at night or in a area away from the city.


The scrapping post was formed from a pre war junkyard. As soon as you enter, you will come across the former main office where the council meets and their offices are located. When you walk around the office, you will see the market place, houses, and many other company buildings. This used to be where all the junk and scrap used to be until Todd had men clear all of it out and most of it was used to make the post.

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