The Valentine is a flophouse and brothel owned and operated by Walter Valentine, heir to the Valentine Beer fortune. The beer-making facility had long been closed, but the Valentine family still possessed the physical building thanks to their money paying various mercenaries and security personally over the years. With their wealth reserve running low, Jimmy Valentine opened the building up to the public for the first time ever in 2229, intending to use it as a hotel of sorts. After initially misjudging his clientele in The L, Valentine’s idea of a classy hotel morphed into a flophouse and brothel.

People are constantly coming and going. Walter Valentine, son of Jimmy and the current proprietor of the establishment, keeps the building open 24/7, allowing vagrants and wanderers to stroll in anytime. Security is ever-present, as are the short-order cooks that prepare cheap meals, bartenders that serve low-quality drinks, and prostitutes. The combination of the three has caused The Valentine to become a gathering place for local slime balls and sleeze bags, much to the consternation of the Valentines.

Because the warehouse was once a brewery, much of the beer-making equipment that produced Valentine Beer still exists. Periodically, the Valentine’s are able to gather enough ingredients and get the machinery in working order to brew a batch of beer. The beer that they make is generally not served to customers of the flophouse. Knowing their precarious place in the lawless L, they usually send what they brew to local gangsters and merchants, as well as individuals in positions of power in other parts of Brick City.