The Well
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Notable events:Poisoning of the Gonzales' (2165)

On the road to Abile is a small shack built around a fresh water well that had been significantly poisoned by radiation from the bombs. Unbeknownst to the residents of Radiation Junction, the well has been purified by use of judicious pourings of RadAway, which came from a nearby factory.

The pourings of RadAway were not without their consequences, however. The denizens of The Well, a family of five, died of chemical poisoning and now the shack surrounding the well sits abandoned, filled with bottles upon bottles of water stored in old NukaCola bottles and Mr. Pipp cans.

Horace Pearson and the residents of Radiation Junction noticed that the family who lived at the Shack, the Gonzales', stopped coming out several years ago and a posse went to check out their whereabouts. The posse turned back when they discovered the entire front yard had been mined.

Over the years the mines have exploded, but citizens of Radiation Junction who value their lives see no purpose in checking out the Well. As far as the Radiation Junction citizens figure, The Well's residents are obviously dead, probably from drinking the super-irradiated water of the well, so the Well sits, abandoned on a corpse of land, a small shack overlooking the road to Abile.

Its front yard has claimed a few would-be drillers' lives as they went in search of loot in the house on their way to establish themselves in Abile.

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