General Information
Population:75 Plus Numerous Slaves

Known for its gladitorial arena, Thrilladelphia is a hive of scum and villainy on the banks of the Delaware River in Pennsylvania.


Pre-War History

The history of Philadelphia goes back hundreds of years. It was founded in the late seventeenth century, when King Charles II of England issued William Penn a charter to found a colony in the New World. Penn, a Quaker, made a treaty with the local Lenape Indians and founded Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love. The inclusive and tolerant nature of the city led it to become the center of intellectual life in the British colonies, in addition to being a bustling port.

In the early nineteenth century, Philly lost its status as the capital of the United States to Washington DC and largest city in the nation to New York City, but remained an extremely important place. Large waves of immigrants from Europe and the American South provided a large workforce, leading the city to become a leader in various industries, including streel and textiles.

Taking advantage, the federal government built a naval shipyard and aircraft production facility in southern Philadelphia, near the confluence of the Delaware and Schuylkill Rivers. During its peak, the site employed almost 50,000 workers, producing battleships, airplanes, and munitions for the wars the United States was engaged in during the early-to-mid twentieth century. In addition to the shipyard and factories, the city invested in the area, developing grounds of the Sesqui-Centennial International Exposition in 1926 and Philadelphia Municipal Stadium in 1927.

Philadelphia remained a hub of industry though the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.


By the time the Great War occurred, Philadelphia was the second largest city in the northeast, behind New York City, and the fourth largest metropolitan area in the northeast, behind New York City, Washington D.C., and Boston. Thanks to its population and shipyard, the Chinese put it on their list of targets. In 2077, nuclear bombs rained down on the city.

Due to the high amount of radiation and other pollutants, as well as the derelict state the area found itself in, southern Philadelphia was sparsely populated after the war. Points further north developed as civilization began returning, but southern Philly remained in ruins. Most who came to the area were scavengers, looking to use the abundant scrap to rebuild their lives, be it in settlements further north or elsewhere.

Starting in the early 2200s, merchants began using the area as a staging point for efforts to move goods between other settlements in the Philadelphia area, New Castle in Delaware and Atlantic City, in New Jersey. The small trading post became known as Riverbend, due to the bend in the Delaware River that the settlement was near. Because of wealth, the merchants began amassing, in addition to the valuable cargo that passed through, the trading post soon became a target of raider mercenary group. Among those raider groups were the Bone Soldiers, based across the Delaware in the ruins of Camden. In 2245, the Bone Soldiers staged a hostile takeover of the trade settlement and moved across the river.

For the majority of the time the Bone Soldiers controlled the small settlement; things were business as usual. The leader of the group, AJ Prince, knew that he and the Bone Soldiers could make massive profits by simply taxing the various merchants, and was content to do just that. The most radical of the changes that the Bone Soldiers brought during his time as leader of the group was that the import and export of slaves and chems became tolerated. While the merchants of Riverbend previously had self-regulated themselves and not allowed the open trade of either, AJ Prince saw the money that those activities would bring, and allowed them to be traded in the open.

Though the motto of the Bone Soldiers was "For Life", a member of the group assassinated AJ Prince and took over not just the Bone Soldiers, but all of Riverbend as well. In 2283, a member of the mercenary group by the name of Kenny Smith killed Prince, seemingly out of the blue. In the chaos that followed, the faction loyal to Prince, and his heir apparent, were politically outmaneuvered by the faction loyal to Smith. With his leadership position cemented, Smith went about making radical changes.

Already a mercurial personality, he renamed himself "King Kenny" and renamed Riverbend "Thrilladelphia." Most notably, in 2285, he began hosting gladiatorial fights in the ruins of Philadelphia Municipal Stadium, a Pre-War baseball field. The current champion of the fighting arena is a prototype robot with the designation Omega-23.


The economy of Thrilladelphia is driven by the pit fights in its gladiatorial arena; if the arena were to suddenly cease to exist, it is likely that the entire community of the settlement would collapse. Fighters and spectators travel to the city to watch the fights, pouring large sums of caps into the hands of locals.


Thrilladelphia is ruled by one man, and one man only. King Kenny's will is law, and the thugs and ruffians that he commands ensure that his commands are carried out. Because Kenny is unhinged and changes his opinion on whims. Thrilly effectively has no real government. In the absence of effective legislation, force and violence have come to become the only real governing forces in the settlement.


Thrilly is located in the ruins of Southwest Philadelphia, and is roughly four square miles in area. Its northern boundary is Interstate 76, while its southern boundary is the Delaware River. Its western boundary is the Schuylkill River, while its eastern boundary is the Delaware.

The gladiatorial arena, built in the ruins of Philadelphia Municipal Stadium, is the most important site in the settlement. It is located roughly in the center of the settlement. On a daily basis, slaves and pit fighters test their mettle in the arena, fighting for prizes such as freedom, fame, and money. King Kenny enjoys the spectacle and watches the fights virtually daily. The current champion of the fighting arena is a prototype robot with the designation Omega 23.


Thrilladelphia is sixty-five miles northwest of Atlantic City, and is roughly a days journey from the city. Though not a "vacation spot" per se, affluent residents of AC sometimes make the trip to Thrilly for the pit fights, either to watch or to enter (either slaves or paid representatives)

Thrilly is considered one of the main hubs of the Slaver's Road, a trade route that has developed over the last few decades. The settlement its the route's eastern nexus, with The Pitt roughly 250 miles to the west and Paradise Falls roughly 120 miles to the south. King Kenny often purchases slaves from either The Pitt or Paradise Falls to participate in his gladiatorial arena.