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Tommy Williams Melancon
Date of birth:10/19/58
Height:6 Feet
Ethnicity:White/Caucasian (Ghoul)
Occupation:Hunter/Trapper and Town Councilor

Pre War Life

Born in 2058 Tommy Williams Melancon was a native to the area of Henderson, a town scant but a few miles west of Butte La Rose, future site of the Rose. He spent much of his early life, dividing his time between learning at school, and outdoors activities, such as learning to set fishing lines, and accompanying his father on hunting trips. He enjoyed his time outdoors, and had dreams of becoming a football star.

Teenage Years

During his highschool days, he performed average at his studies, which found him set aside at the football field several times, frustrating him, that he'd have to raise his academic performance, to be able to perform on the field athletics, however, eventually, he looked back on this as an important lesson, to never waste your own potential. Graduating in 2076, he went on to work in Opelousas, as a Pulowski Shelter technician.

Post-War Life

When the bomb's dropped he was halfway between Opelousas, and Lafayette, trapped in the traffic jams caused by the EMP. He survived the immediate aftermath by wandering from home to home, and scavenging from shops, as well as hunting small game. Eventually, exposure to atmospheric radiation took it's toll, causing his skin and hair to begin to flake, by about 2078, he had become a Ghoul. Fearing for his life, he headed east, toward's the basin to seek seclusion, by about 2079, settling in the ruins of Butte La Rose.