Date of birth:Unknown
Date of death:N/A
Occupation:Courier (formerly), Wanderer

Twig is a fat vault dweller from Vault 10, traveling with Scar and Ben, in the New Vegas area, in a search of Nuka-Cola.


Twig is a former Vault 10 dweller, a vault filled with overweight people. Despite this, Twig was the most picked on because he was the skinniest of all the dwellers, thus giving him the nickname of Twig; he has stated before that his high metabolism is to blame for his weight. Due to this, Twig takes being called fat as a compliment.

At some point after his escape from Vault 10, Twig met Benjamin "Ben" Eldridge and later rescued (or realistically, was rescued by) Scarlett from Legion slavers.

He later meets Touch Conners, mayor of Eastwood.


  • Fallout: Nuka Break Fan Film
  • Fallout: Nuka Break Web Series

Notable quotes


  • "It's okay, Twig. Being mad at you if like being mad at a puppy... it's just too dumb to know any better." -Scar apologizing to Twig
  • "I gotta' say boy, I never seen nobody drink so fast. You got a Lead Belly or somethin'? Heh heh." -Eastwood shopkeeper questioning Twig


  • "I can't stop thinking about them (Nuka-Cola), that and Fancy Lad Snack Cakes. Er, I could really go for some Sugar Bombs about now!" -Twig complaining to Ben and Scar


  • Twig is claustrophobic due to being stuffed in a refrigerator and laughed at for being "small" during his childhood
  • Twig has a Luck stat of 10, which is the only reason he's alive, Twig also possibly has high Charisma and low Intelligence
  • Twig may have the Lead Belly perk, as asked by the Eastwood shopkeeper, "You got a Lead Belly or somethin' sonny?"
  • Twig wears an armored Vault 10 jumpsuit and has a Pip-Boy 3000 on his left arm
  • Twig is addicted Nuka-Cola, to the point of hallucinations, and possibly addicted to other sweet foods like Fancy Lads Snack Cakes or Sugar Bombs, but this is not confirmed
  • Twig has highest morals out of Twig & Co. and doesn't like stealing, killing, fighting, punching, kicking, and yelling
  • Twig considers himself friends with Ben, but Ben claims that, "I don't even like the guy."
  • Twig uses a .223 caliber pistol similar to, if not, That Gun
  • Twig also uses a Shishkebab, which he stole the parts to make


Twig about to drink a Nuka-Cola

Twig about to drink Nuka-Cola

The gang durng a fire-fight with a 'merchant'

The gang in a firefight

Twig holding a Shishkebab

Twig wielding a Shishkebab

Twig drinking a Nuka-Cola

Twig drinking Nuka-Cola

Twig with Ben while drinking Nuka-Cola Quantum

Twig with Ben while drinking Nuka-Cola (Quantum?)